Contract: Mansion PoE

Contracts are needed to run Heists. In order to execute a Heist, you need to know the location of a valuable Artifact and what defences safeguard it. Contracts containing these clues can be found throughout Wraeclast alongside coins with the mysterious emblem of the Rogue Harbour.

How to complete Contract: Mansion

  • Area Level: 5 – 83

Contract: Mansion

1. How to get Contract: Mansion

  • The drop level is 5. It drops from monsters throughout the world. You’ll have access to one Contract per area on average but the amount you get is affected by standard drop multipliers. You can get many per area in well-rolled maps.
  • Buy it from Whakano, the Barber. He sells Contracts whose item level one larger than your character level. When your character level is 4, you can purchase this contract from Whakano.

Tips: since it is difficult to escape from a Heist, it is recommended to buy Contracts firstly, next upgrade your character, then play the contract. I always prepare a Heist when my character level is at least five levels higher than the contract's area level.

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2. Prepare Heist

Give this Contract to Adiyah in the Rogue Harbour to embark on the Heist.

Prepare a Heist

3. Complete Mansion Contract

The layout is random. The following is one of the layouts of the Contract: Mansion.

Contract: Mansion Layout

Acquire the Heist Target for Mansion contract, then escape as quickly as possible.

Mansion Target

There are two Safe chests near the Heist Target, you may loot valuable items.

Next, you can sell the Heist Target to Faustus, the Fence in exchange for Rogue's Marker currency items.

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