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Blessings Currency

Blessings, the currency used to upgrade breach uniques, can now be used to upgrade breachstones between tiers also.

Right click a Blessing currency item then left click an applicable item to upgrade it. Blessing currency: Blessing of Xoph Blessing of Xoph, Blessing of Tul Blessing of Tul, Blessing of Esh Blessing of Esh, Blessing of Uul-Netol Blessing of Uul-Netol, and Blessing of Chayula Blessing of Chayula.

Outcome Upgrade
Esh's Charged Breachstone
1x Blessing of Esh
1x Esh's Breachstone
Esh's Enriched Breachstone
1x Blessing of Esh
1x Esh's Charged Breachstone
Esh's Pure Breachstone
1x Blessing of Esh
1x Esh's Enriched Breachstone
Tul's Charged Breachstone
1x Blessing of Tul
1x Tul's Breachstone
Tul's Enriched Breachstone
1x Blessing of Tul
1x Tul's Charged Breachstone
Tul's Pure Breachstone
1x Blessing of Tul
1x Tul's Enriched Breachstone
Uul-Netol's Charged Breachstone
1x Blessing of Uul-Netol
1x Uul-Netol's Breachstone
Uul-Netol's Enriched Breachstone
1x Blessing of Uul-Netol
1x Uul-Netol's Charged Breachstone
Uul-Netol's Pure Breachstone
1x Blessing of Uul-Netol
1x Uul-Netol's Enriched Breachstone
Xoph's Charged Breachstone
1x Blessing of Xoph
1x Xoph's Breachstone
Xoph's Enriched Breachstone
1x Blessing of Xoph
1x Xoph's Charged Breachstone
Xoph's Pure Breachstone
1x Blessing of Xoph
1x Xoph's Enriched Breachstone
Chayula's Charged Breachstone
1x Blessing of Chayula
1x Chayula's Breachstone
Chayula's Enriched Breachstone
1x Blessing of Chayula
1x Chayula's Charged Breachstone
Chayula's Pure Breachstone
1x Blessing of Chayula
1x Chayula's Enriched Breachstone

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1. Breach Guide

Breaches are timed monster-spawning portals. It will randomly spawn in an area in an inactive state. They’re easily identified by the hand-like construct within a purple circle (see image) and purple swirls can be seen within the vicinity. Walking into the hand will activate the breach. Breaches can also be spawned using Vaal Breach Vaal Breach, but enemies in these breaches do not give experience or drop items.

Breach PoE

Active breaches will expand their circle outwards and spawn a mix of breach monsters within the circle; the faster the monsters are killed the faster the circle expands. After a while, the expansion of the breach will slow down until it eventually retracts quickly and closes.

Breaches stay open for a minimum of 30 seconds, increasing to a maximum of 60 based on how quickly breach monsters are killed. Normal monsters killed while in the breach do not increase the active time.

Monsters moving outside of the active radius will despawn after a short delay. During this time, however, it is still possible to attack and be attacked by the monsters before they’re removed. It is also possible for monsters inside the breach to hit the character while they are outside it.

Breach monsters have increased item rarity and quantity, but have a reduced chance to spawn beyond monsters and only rare breach monsters are able to drop maps. In addition there is a chance to obtain breach-specific unique items and splinters from these monsters as well as breach-exclusive Breach Rings.

Occasionally, a Breachlord can spawn from a Breach. They will drop a number of Splinters when the breach collapses based on how much damage was dealt to them or a large quantity of Splinters when defeated.

Breaches also contain “Clasped Hands”, a breach-specific type of chest. They come in two varieties, “Clasped Hand” or “<Breachlord>’s Clasped Hand”. These chests can drop additional splinters and can only be opened when the breach expands to them. It is possible to see Breachlord specific Clasped Hands before opening the breach itself as a shimmering transparent object.

There are fives types of breaches each associated with a damage type, which will affect accordingly

  • the type of monsters that will spawn with skills associated with the type
  • the type of splinters that are dropped
  • the type of unique items that can be obtained

Path of Exile: Breach Beginner’s Guide – Quick Tips for Farming Breaches Effectively

2. Breach Strategy

Since the breaches can spawn a very large number of monsters that hit hard is advisable to be cautious when opening breaches; death can come quickly and without warning.

Characters that have high survivability, high mobility, high damage output as well as good area clearing ability are best at effectively clearing breaches.

Strategies (not all may be suitable for your build):

  • Avoid opening breaches near dangerous fights – i.e. clear the area first before opening; fighting a breach and a map boss at the same time, for example, can pose a very large risk of character death
  • When in a party coordinate the opening
  • Consider creating a portal near the breach for emergency escape and/or quick return in the case of death
  • Watch out for the type of breach you are facing; some breaches might pose a larger risk to some characters than others.
  • Try to stay in a corner or room instead of the middle of the breach to avoid having all monsters instantly attack you. Clear monsters carefully area by area
  • Be careful when leaving the breach area; while the monsters disappear outside of the circle, it is still possible for them to hit you for a short period of time
  • If you are faced with breach that you can’t handle, consider leaving the area for a while until it times out
  • Simply not opening a breach can also be a good option; use movement skills like Lightning Warp Lightning Warp or Leap Slam Leap Slam to bypass the opening area

Breach monsters are special enemies that spawn when drawing near a Breach portal. Unlike beyond demons, Breach monster’s leave corpses that can be exploited using skills such as Detonate Dead Detonate DeadFlesh Offering Flesh Offering, and Raise Zombie Raise Zombie. They cannot however be raised as Spectre’s using Raise Spectre Raise Spectre.

3. Breach monster: Regular Monsters

It That Watches
  • Based on Pocked Miner
  • All Areas
It That Waits
  • Based on Pocked Miner
It That Reaches
  • Based on Gut Spiker
  • Uses Puncture Puncture
  • Spawns in Cruel Onward
It That Whispers
  • Based on Gut Spiker
  • Spawns in Cruel Onward

4. Breach monster: Elemental Monsters

Fire Breach (Xoph)

Xoph’s Favoured
  • AOE Buff that puts fire effect on allies (Attack added Fire?)
  • Attacks deal extra Fire Damage
Xoph’s Loyal
Xoph Commander
  • Sunder Sunder like skill that spawns a Pillar of Fire at its end. (Deals hits, not a degen)
  • Covers nearby targets in Ash (distinct stomp animation + sound)
  • Spits projectiles over an area, creating lava pools

Cold Breach (Tul)

It of Tul
  • Based on Pocked Miner
  • Attacks deal extra Cold Damage
  • Uses Frost Blades Frost Blades
They of Tul
  • Based on Pocked Goliath
  • Summons Totems that attack with cold projectile (Ice Spear Ice Spear Spell Totem?)
  • Throws projectiles that spawns an Ice Golem each
  • Snow Cloak: vortex-like ability that reduces damage allies receive.

Lightning Breach (Esh)

Scale of Esh
  • Based on Dust Scrabbler
  • Attacks deal extra Lightning Damage
Esh Commander
  • Based on Dust Scrabbler
  • Attacks deal extra Lightning Damage
  • Arc
  • Summons multiple Scale of Esh, leaves shocking ground upon arrival.
  • Uses Lightning version of Flame Surge Flame Surge
  • Sends out Lightning Orb that deal constant damage

Physical Breach (Uul-Netol)

Pet of Uul-Netol
  • Based on Gull
Uul-Netol Commander
  • Based on Gull
  • Volley of Blood Projectiles that spawn spike walls upon landing
  • Bonespire effect that causes Corrupted Blood
  • Vulnerability Vulnerability?

Chaos Breach (Chayula)

Chayula’s Ideal
  • Based on Gut Spiker
  • Added Chaos to Attacks?
Chayula Commander
  • Based on Revenant
  • Launches volley of chaos projectiles
  • Teleports, leaving behind an illusion of self. Illusion explodes into a nova of projectiles after a delay.

5. Breach monster: Breachlords

Xoph, Dark Embers
  • Cleave Cleave
  • Righteous Fire Righteous Fire-like skill that leaves burning ground (Active buff that burns in an AOE)
  • Opens portal, summoning allies (Xoph’s Loyal) when approached
  • Sunder Sunder-like skill that summons 3 Fire Pillars when it ends.
Tul, Creeping Avalanche
  • Frost Blades Frost Blades
  • Totems that use Ice Spear Ice Spear-like skill. Seems to always freeze and is aimed toward other totems.
  • Opens portal, summoning allies (It of Tul) when approached
  • Launches a stream of cold projectiles in a very large cone
Esh, Forked Thought
  • Lightning version of Flame Surge Flame Surge
  • Sends out Lightning Orbs that attack nearby targets (Orb of Storms Orb of Storms-like)
  • Recall all Lightning Orbs to the Boss
  • Opens portal, summoning allies (Scale of Esh) when approached
  • Channels briefly, then releases a series of overlapping Shock Novas, increasing in size each time
  • Teleports frequently
Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh
  • Slams the ground, launching physical projectiles in all directions (distinct leap animation + sound effect)
Chayula, Who Dreamt
  • Cyclone Cyclone that launches chaos projectiles in random directions
  • Channels, launching a mortar style volley of chaos projectiles
  • Teleport repeatedly around the arena, casting the illusion skill of the ‘Chayula Commander’.
  • Creates a clone of self

6. December 18 – Three-Week Heist Flashback

The Heist Flashback Event is all about the ruckus. In each area you’ll contest with several popular mods from past leagues in a harrowing mad-dash for power and glory. Alongside Heist, each area in Wraeclast will have a random selection of three of the following mods present. These mods will change every hour, on the hour.

This is a Heist event which means that alongside the chaos of past mods, you’ll have access to Heist’s content in its current form. This is a separate event to the Heist League which means you’ll need to make a fresh character in order to participate. You can, however, continue to complete your Heist challenges in the Heist Flashback Event.

  • Starting at Noon December 18 (PST) which is Dec 18, 2020 12:00 PM (PST) 
  • Ending at 10am January 4 (PST) which is Jan 04, 2021 10:00 AM (PST) 
  • Standard, Hardcore, Standard Solo Self-Found, Hardcore Solo-Self Found versions available. These versions are also available on Xbox and PlayStation.
  • This event is NOT voided. (Items and characters WILL transfer to parent leagues at the end of the event)

Breach Changes 3.14

  • Blessings of Esh, Tul, Xoph, Uul-Netol and Chayula can now be used to upgrade an associated Breachstone to a higher tier version.
  • Reduced the chance for Map Areas to contain Breach encounters by 20%. The chance to encounter a Zana mission containing any of Breach mechanics has also been lowered by the same amount.
  • Lira Arthain(Atlas Passives): Flash Breach now causes Breaches in Areas to open and close 50% faster (previously 100%).

Zana League Mods Available During 3.14.0

  • Breach (costs 2 Chaos Orbs): Area contains an additional Breach.

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