Defeat a Rogue Exile

Defeat a Rogue Exile is a Harvest challenge.

Rogue exile Location

Rogue exiles have no fixed area, so they can be found randomly throughout instances in Wraeclast. They may begin appearing in zones as early as The Prisoner’s Gate. No more than one rogue exile can spawn in any given instance. If they spawn in maps, the map mods will apply to them. Some rogue exiles are rarer than others and some have a minimum level requirement. All rogue exiles can spawn outside of maps. On death, exiles drop a large number of items, including one for each inventory slot.

Rogue Exiles List

Class Rogue Exiles
Witches Dena Lorenni, Igna Phoenix, Minara Anemina, Ultima Thule.
Shadows Ash Lessard, Ion Darkshroud, Ulysses Morvant, Wilorin Demontamer, Rangers.
Rangers Ailentia Rac, Antalie Napora, Orra Greengate, Thena Moga
Duelists Armios Bell, Oyra Ona, Torr Olgosso, Zacharia Desmarais
Marauders Damoi Tui, Jonah Unchained, Vickas Giantbone, Xandro Blooddrinker
Templars Eoin Greyfur, Lael Furia, Magnus Stonethorn, Tinevin Highdove, Baracus Phraxisanct
Scions Augustina Solaria, Vanth Agiel
Unknown Aurelio Voidsinger, Bolt Brownfur, Kirmes Olli, Ohne Trix, Thom Imperial

Torr Olgosso

Torr Olgosso, one of Rogue Exiles

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