Thief’s Trinket

What are Trinkets

Thieves’ Trinkets are items you can find in Heists which use a new equipment slot. They effectively allow you to invest in Increasing or modifying the rewards from Heists without sacrificing an equipment slot from your build. They always drop corrupted so they can’t be crafted. They only affect Heist-related drops and don’t do anything outside of Heists. Equip a Heist Trinket is a challenge.

Thief's Trinket Mods

1. Additional Items

  • x% chance to receive additional Y items when opening a Reward Chest in a Heist

More chance to get additional items, such as Unique items, Weapons, Essences, Armour Items, Blight Items, Breach Items, Divination Crads, Legion Items, etc.

2. X currency drop as Y currency

  • n% chance in Heists for x to drop as Y instead

Example: 7% chance in Heists for Orbs of Augmentation to drop as Orbs of Alchemy instead.

3. x% increased Rarity of Items dropped

  • x% increased Rarity of Items dropped in Heists

4. Other Mods

  • x% chance in Heists for Items to drop Identified
  • x% chance in Heists for Items to drop Corrupted
  • x% increased Quantity of Items dropped in Heists
  • Heist Chests have a x% chance to contain more valuable Uniques
  • Smuggler's Cache's have x% chance to Duplicate contained Rogue's Markers
  • x% chance in Heists for Items to drop with an additional Socket
  • etc.

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Thief’s Trinket Example

As is shown below, Armageddon Curio increases 23% Rarity of Items found, and 40% chance for Double Divination Cards from Heist Chests.

Thief's Trinket Example

Another exmaple is Fate Curio: it rewards 5% chance for Regal Orbs to drop as Exalted Orbs instead.

Fate Curio Thief's Trinket

How to get a Trinket

Grand Heists offer exclusive new rewards such as Heist Trinkets, Weapon and Body Armour Enchantments, Alternate-quality Gems and Replica Unique Items.

How do Thieves’ Trinkets work in a party?

The effect of a Trinket is tied to the person so whoever opens the chest or makes the kill will have their Trinket in effect. It’s not tied to whoever started the Heist.

Are the reward options from Curio Display Rooms (Grand Heist reward rooms) equally weighted?

You’ll be as likely to get a room full of Trinkets as you would a room full of the other Heist rewards like Alternate Quality Gems, Experimented Base Types, Replica Unique Items and strong rares with Body Armour and Weapon Enchantments. It’s possible to tell which type of Curio Display Room you’ll be pillaging before you start the Grand Heist.

Can you take five Trinkets to a vendor and trade them for one that isn’t corrupted?


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