Experimented Base Types

What is Experimented Base Types

Experimented Base Types are a variety of new item base types that have exotic properties that differ from their core-game counterparts.

List of Experimented Base Types Items

These new base-type items are craftable like their usual counterparts, but bring new combinations of stats and implicit modifiers. These will likely come pre-rolled with relevant modifiers.

Item Category Stats
Assembler Wand Wand  
Congregator Wand Wand  
Accumulator Wand Wand  
Hollowpoint Dagger Dagger  
Pressurised Dagger Dagger  
Pneumatic Dagger Dagger  
Flickerflame Blade Rune Dagger  
Flashfire Blade Rune Dagger  
Infernal Blade Rune Dagger  
Shadow Fangs Claw  
Malign Fangs Claw  
Void Fangs Claw  
Maltreatment Axe One Hand Axe  
Disapprobation Axe One Hand Axe  
Psychotic Axe One Hand Axe  
Fickle Spiritblade One Hand Sword  
Capricious Spiritblade One Hand Sword 100% of Physical damage from hits with this weapon is converted to a random element.
Anarchic Spiritblade One Hand Sword  
Flare Mace One Hand Mace  
Crack Mace One Hand Mace  
Boom Mace One Hand Mace  
Oscillating Sceptre Sceptre Elemental Overload
Stabilising Sceptre Sceptre  
Alternating Sceptre Sceptre  
Hedron Bow Bow  
Foundry Bow Bow  
Solarine Bow Bow Adds x to y Fire Damage
Transformer Staff Staff  
Reciprocation Staff Staff  
Battery Staff Staff  
Capacity Rod Warstaff  
Potentiality Rod Warstaff  
Eventuality Rod Warstaff  
Prime Cleaver Two Hand Axe  
Honed Cleaver Two Hand Axe  
Apex Cleaver Two Hand Axe  
Rebuking Blade Two Hand Axe  
Blasting Blade Two Hand Axe  
Banishing Blade Two Hand Axe  
Blunt Force Condenser Two Hand Mace  
Crushing Force Magnifier Two Hand Mace  
Impact Force Propagator Two Handed Mace Warcries Extra 1 Additional Attack
Exhausting Spirit Shield Shield  
Subsuming Spirit Shield Shield  
Transfer-attuned Spirit Shield Shield  
Endothermic Buckler Shield  
Polar Buckler Shield  
Cold-attuned Buckler Shield  
Exothermic Tower Shield Shield  
Magmatic Tower Shield Shield  
Heat-attuned Tower Shield Shield  
Micro-Distillery Belt Belt  
Mechalarm Belt Belt  
Astrolabe Amulet Amulet Has Elder, Shaper and All Conqueror Influences
Simplex Amulet Amulet  
Cogwork Ring Ring  
Geodesic Ring Ring  

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Grand Heists Reward: Experimented Base Types Items

Another reward from Grand Heists, these experimented base types provide something a little different from conventional base types, such as a bow with low physical damage, but a high amount of built-in fire damage. There are several new varieties for jewelry items, but only one new experimented base type per weapon type.

Experimented Base Types Example

Solarine Bow: Flat Fire Damage implicit

Here's another example of an Experimented Base Type you can get from Grand Heists!

Eagle Crack Oscillating Sceptre

Eagle Crack Oscillating Sceptre: Elemental Overload implicit

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