PoE Uber Elder Guide: How to Spawn Uber Elder

The Uber Elder is a dual boss encounter where the player fights both the Elder and the Shaper at the same time. It was the final boss encounter in the War for the Atlas expansion. PoE 3.12 Heist challenge: Complete Uber Elder Deadly Encounters.

How to Spawn Uber Elder

Uber Elder can be fought by collecting all the following 4 map fragments. The location of Uber Elder is The Shaper’s Realm.

Outcome Amount Uber Elder fragments Drop Boss Price

Access to The Shaper’s Realm

1 Fragment of Knowledge Fragment of Knowledge The Shaper(location: The Shaper’s Realm) 74x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
1 Fragment of Shape Fragment of Shape The Shaper(location: The Shaper’s Realm) 80x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
1 Fragment of Emptiness Fragment of Emptiness The Elder(location: Absence of Value and Meaning) 20x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
1 Fragment of Terror Fragment of Terror The Elder(location: Absence of Value and Meaning) 20x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb

How to Spawn Uber Elder

Complete Uber Elder Deadly Encounters

Path of Exile 3.12 - AFK Uber Elder 100% - Righteous Fire

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Uber Elder Guide

Name Uber Elder
Level 84
Location The Shaper’s Realm
Health Elder: 48 096 435
Shaper: 48 096 435
Damage Elder: 6078
Shaper: 5689
ApS Elder: 1.88
Shaper: 1.76
Resistances 50% Fire
50% Cold
50% Lightning
30% Chaos
Modifiers 66% Less Curse Effectiveness
Cannot Be Fully Slowed
Immune To Knockback

Uber Elder Drop Table

Item Lvl.
Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye 1
Disintegrator Disintegrator 64
Voidfletcher Voidfletcher 64
Mark of the Elder Mark of the Elder 80
Mark of the Shaper Mark of the Shaper 80
Indigon Indigon 69
Voidforge Voidforge 67
The Eternity Shroud The Eternity Shroud 65

The dropped Watcher’s Eye Watcher’s Eye would be 3 mods variants. It can be either all 3 mods for the same aura skill, or 3 mods for 2-3 aura skills.

Abilities of Uber Elder

The Elder is assisted by the Shaper in this battle. The battle essentially pits the player against both bosses, with some differences:

  • One of the bosses will be invulnerable, alternating between the two for every 25% health lost. The invulnerable boss will use less attacks than normal. When both bosses are at 25% health, both bosses will be vulnerable.
  • Volatile Anomalies and Madness Propagators will continuously spawn during the fight, alternating every 20 seconds.
  • There are no special phases from either boss.
  • At each 1/4 health lost from both bosses, the Elder or Shaper will spawn adds. The Elder will summon multiple Null Portals and the Shaper channels a portal like in his regular fight. Both are invulnerable during this phase.
  • The Elder will not use his Super siphon (including the debuff Crystalised Fear) skill and the Shaper will not use his Shadow Clone or Bullet Hell attack.

Moves in italics are not used while they are in their invulnerable phase.

The Elder

  • Default attack: A melee attack. Uses it while you are in melee range.
  • Ice Spears: Launches ice spears in various ways, dealing cold damage. He can fire multiple icicles in a large arc or several in a smaller arc.
  • Ring of Death: Casts a ring around him, creating a field that gradually grows larger over time. After several seconds, it explodes for massive physical damage, enough to kill most builds. You must stay inside the ring to avoid taking damage.
  • Siphon – Dives into the ground and reappears, channeling an arc that deals physical damage over time and greatly slows the character down in front of him. Any damage he deals with this attack is given to him as energy shield.
  • Tentacle Whip: Spawns several tentacles that slam the ground to deal area of effect physical damage.
  • Rising Slam: The Elder spins around, launching multiple cold damage projectiles that impact in a ring around him, then teleports away. He will then teleport to your location and do a slam that deals heavy cold damage.

The Shaper

  • Melee Attack: A lash that does melee damage. He only uses it while in melee range.
  • Golden Projectiles: The Shaper fires three golden orbs that deal massive cold damage and penetrate 25% cold resistance, one after another.
  • Shaper Beam: The Shaper channels a huge golden beam that deals fire, cold and lightning damage over time. The beam only targets one location per skill usage.
  • Teleport Slam: The Shaper spins and disappears in a blanket of void, and then teleports to the player’s location, followed by a powerful slam with a large area of effect. A movement skill is recommended to avoid taking damage from this move.

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