Chat Commands - Path of Exile

PoE Chat Commands

Command Description
/help Displays a list of most console commands.
/bug <description>
/debug <description>
Reports a bug and gives you the report reference number. Additional information can be provided with <description>.
/ladder Displays the top ten characters on the current ladder.
/played Displays the length of time the current character has been played.
/age Displays how long ago the current character was created.
/passives Displays a summary of all passive skill points and the Deal with the Bandits reward the character has gained.
/deaths Displays how many deaths the current character has incurred.
/remaining Displays how many monsters remain alive in the current area.
/destroy Destroys the item on cursor. Use with caution!
/recoveroldcraftingbenchitem Recovers an item placed in now inaccessible Masters and Harvest crafting bench.
/itemlevel Displays the level of the item on cursor.
/pvp Displays Win/Loss/Disconnect statistics for 1v1 and 3v3 PvP.
/fixmyhelmet Updates an existing non-unique helmet to new art.
/oos Forces resync.
/dance Perform a dance.
/status <text> Change your status. Status is displayed to all friends as an alert when changed, and is shown to friends in the social window.
/invite <character> Sends a party invite to <character>.
/kick <character> Kicks <character> from the party.
/party_description <description> Changes the description of the party to <description>.
/tradewith <character> Initiates a trade with <character>. Characters must be in the same town hub instance to trade.
/friend <character> Adds <character> to the friends list.
/unfriend <character> Removes <character> from the friends list.
/accept <character> Accepts friend request.
/ignore <character>
/squelch <character>
Adds a player account specified by character name to the ignore list. No messages will be received from ignored players.
/unignore <character>
/unsquelch <character>
Removes a player account specified by character name from the ignore list.
/clear_ignore_list Removes all player accounts from the ignore list.
/whois <character> Displays a character’s level, class, league, and whether he is online.
/afk <message> Turns AFK mode on, replying with <message> when someone whispers you. A default message will be used if one isn’t specified.
/afkoff Turns off AFK mode
/dnd <message>
/donotdisturb <message>
Toggles Do Not Disturb mode for chat. When on, no messages including whispers will be received. A custom autoreply message will be used if a <message> is added.
/global <number> Joins global chat channel <number>.
/trade <number> Joins trade chat channel <number>.
Clears the chat console of text.
/hideout Sends you to your hideout. Only useable while in town.
/hideout <character> Sends you to character’s hideout. Only useable while in town.
/menagerie Sends you to your Menagerie. Only useable while in town.
/exit Exits the game to the Character selection screen.
/reset_xp Resets the experience-per-hour estimation tool.
/recheck_achievements Forces a recheck of certain achievements.
/autoreply <message> Replying with <message> when someone whispers you.
/delve Sends you to your Azurite Mine. Only useable while in town.
/metamorph Sends you to Tane’s Laboratory. Only useable while in town.
Chat suppression.
/save_hideout Saves the current Hideout layout to a file that can be later loaded or shared.
/spectate <character> Spectate a character. Character must be mutual friend or guildmate.

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Chat Command For Skill Points

  • /passives

Players can use the command /passives in-game to get a list of passives quests they have already received on that character.

Chat Command For Skill Points Listed below are all the quests that reward passive tree points. There are 22-24 total, depending on your choices during the Bandit quest.

  • Act 1 : The Dweller of the Deep
  • Act 1 : The Marooned Mariner
  • Act 1 : The Way Forward
  • Act 2 : Deal With The Bandits (+2 if the player kills all bandits)
  • Act 3 : Victario’s Secrets
  • Act 3 : Piety’s Pets
  • Act 4 : An Indomitable Spirit
  • Act 5 : In Service to Science
  • Act 5 : Kitava’s Torments
  • Act 6 : The Father of War
  • Act 6 : The Puppet Mistress
  • Act 6 : The Cloven One
  • Act 7 :  The Master of a Million Faces
  • Act 7 : Queen of Despair
  • Act 7 : Kishara’s Star
  • Act 8 : Love is Dead
  • Act 8 : Reflection of Terror
  • Act 8 : The Gemling Legion
  • Act 9 : Queen of the Sands
  • Act 9 : The Ruler of Highgate
  • Act 10 : Vilenta’s Vengeance
  • Act 10 : An End to Hunger (+2)

Chat Command To Leave Party

  • /kick <character>
  • You can kick the player and leave the party.

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