Backbreaker PoE

Backbreaker is a mini-boss in PoE Heist. The location of the Backbreaker is random in Heist contract rooms. Playing more contracts and you can find him easily.

1. PoE Heist Unique Monsters Challenges

Location: random. It is quite easy to find them in the Contract rooms. you can buy contracts from Whakano, the Barber. He sells Contracts whose item level one larger than your character level.

Playing more contracts, it is easy to find Backbreaker and other unique monsters.

Tips: since it is difficult to escape from a Heist, it is recommended to buy Contracts firstly, next upgrade your character, then play the contract. I always prepare a Heist when my character level is at least five levels higher than the contract’s area level. You can complete the Backbreaker challenge easily.


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2. Backbreaker Guide

Spectre N
Backbreaker Location randomly spawn in contracts
Mod monster_slain_experience_+% [0]
monster_dropped_item_quantity_+% [720]
monster_dropped_item_rarity_+% [1500]
monster_no_map_drops [0]

stance_movement_speed_+%_final [-67]
stance_movement_speed_+%_final [-36]
stance_movement_speed_+%_final [50]

Tags red_blood, human, humanoid
Damage 160%
Life 1400%
Ailment Threshold 700%
Critical Strike Chance 5%
Type HeistThugMelee2Miniboss
Attack Distance 6 ~ 15
Attack Time 1.995 Second
Damage Spread 20%
Armour +100%
Accuracy +100%

3. Other Heist Bosses Location

Location Bosses Name
Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable Contract: Breaking the Unbreakable
  • The Unbreakable
Contract: Death to Darnaw Contract: Death to Darnaw
  • Admiral Darnaw
Contract: Heart of Glory Contract: Heart of Glory
  • Nashta, the Usurper
Contract: The Twins Contract: The Twins
  • Vic Vox
  • Vinny Vox

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