PoE Araku Tiki Coral Amulet Guide & Price

Araku Tiki is a unique amulet. The base type is Coral Amulet. Coral Amulet has four unique versions: Araku Tiki, Ngamahu Tiki, The Primordial Chain, and Tavukai. (2-4) Life Regenerated per second.
The flavor text is “It is said to make you invisible when the Great Spirit comes to take you on your final journey.”
It adds 100 Evasion Rating while on Low Life. It adds up to 50 maximum life and up to 30% fire resistance. 1% of Life Regenerated per second while on Low Life.

Araku Tiki

PoE Araku Tiki Price

PoE Araku Tiki Price

The price of Araku Tiki Coral Amulet is 1 Jeweller’s Orb.

How to get Araku Tiki

Araku Tiki Divination Card

These divination cards have a chance but not guaranteed:
4x The Body = 1x Random unique body armour
4x Jack in the Box = 1x Random unique item
8x Arrogance of the Vaal = 1x Random corrupted unique item

Trade PoE Currency

One can also exchange Chaos Orbs to Araku Tiki with other players at cheap price as well.

PoE Araku Tiki Build Guide

Araku Tiki Build

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