PoE Wildfire Jewel Reward

Wildfire Wildfire is a unique Crimson Jewel. It is a threshold jewel that enhances Molten Strike Molten Strike.

Wildfire Jewel 3.11 Changes

Wildfire Wildfire no longer grants Molten Strike Molten Strike additional projectiles or area of effect. Instead, it now allows Molten Strike Molten Strike projectiles to chain and gives them +1 chain, but halves the number of projectiles created.

Some of Path of Exile’s “threshold jewels” encourage different playstyles for the skills they interact with. Others just buff the skill. We’re slowly moving towards the former type, making changes to existing threshold jewels that feel mandatory for their skill. Wildfire Wildfire used to provide a large, almost-free boost to Molten Strike Molten Strike’s damage. It has now been completely redesigned to create a new playstyle for Molten Strike Molten Strike, covering much more area with bouncing magma balls but dealing lower single target damage. Molten Strike Molten Strike’s damage has been buffed to compensate for the loss of old Wildfire Wildfire. The distance travelled by its projectiles also properly scales with projectile speed now, letting you control their spread as much as you like.

PoE Wildfire Jewel

You can only put one Wildfire Wildfire in the Passive Skill Tree. Radius: Medium.

15% increased Fire Damage. With at least 40 Strength in Radius, Molten Strike Molten Strike Projectiles Chain +1 time. With at least 40 Strength in Radius, Molten Strike Molten Strike Projectiles Chain on impacting ground. With at least 40 Strength in Radius, Molten Strike Molten Strike fires 50% less Projectiles.

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Wildfire Farming

This jewel can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes:

Amount Divination Card Result Drop Areas
4 The Garish Power random Jewel The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7) • The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7) • Overgrown Ruin Map • Overgrown Shrine Map
10 The Eye of the Dragon random corrupted Jewel The Boiling Lake • Marshes Map • Sulphur Vents Map
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random two-implicit corrupted item Ancient City Map • Sunken City Map
4 Jack in the Box random item The Ebony Barracks • The Slums • The Docks • The Sarn Ramparts • The Imperial Fields • The Harbour Bridge • The Grand Promenade • The Lunaris Concourse • The Quay • The Grain Gate • Arsenal Map • Ghetto Map • Port Map • Precinct Map • Promenade Map

Wildfire Reward

Wildfire Wildfire(iLvl 1, Unique) is given as a quest reward for the following quests: Death to Purity(Act 5).

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