PoE Esh’s Breachstone Guide & Drops – Splinter of Esh

Splinter of Esh

A Splinter of Esh Splinter of Esh is a currency item obtained by defeating monsters, opening special chests or damaging Esh inside of a Breach. It can be combined with other splinters to form a Esh’s Breachstone.

Breach Splinters are dropped by Breach monsters or Breach chests within a Breach. 100 of the same splinters will upgrade to the corresponding Breachstone.

  • 100x Splinter of Esh Splinter of Esh = 1x Esh’s Breachstone

Divination Card

The Puzzle is a divination card. A set of 5 can be exchanged for five Breachstone Splinters. The Puzzle can drop from Beyond demons.

Esh’s Breachstone Guide & Drop Item

Esh’s Breachstone is a Breachstone obtained by combining 100 Splinters of Esh. Activating it with a map device opens six portals to Esh’s Domain. The drop level of Esh’s Breachstone is 72.

Esh's Breachstone

Divination Card

The Obscured is a divination card. A set of seven can be exchanged for a random Breachstone. The Obscured can drop from Abyss monsters.

Esh’s Breachstone Drops

Esh’s Domain is an area that is only accessible when Esh’s Breachstone is used in a map device.

The area has a single breach at the beginning. When you touch it a countdown starts at 25 seconds and runs down until you come close to the arena of the Breachlord Esh. The countdown goes up by 1 second per kill.

Lv. required Damage



Unique Items Breach-specific Monsters Boss

Breachstone Area

1 Lightning Splinter of Esh Splinter of Esh

Blessing of Esh Blessing of Esh

Esh’s Breachstone

Hand of Thought and Motion Hand of Thought and Motion

Esh’s Mirror Esh’s Mirror

Voice of the Storm Voice of the Storm

Scale of Esh Esh, Forked Thought

Esh’s Domain (70)


Esh, Forked Thought. He is one of five Breachlords.

One of the following unique items can drop from her:

  • Hand of Thought and Motion Hand of Thought and Motion
  • Esh’s Mirror Esh’s Mirror
  • Voice of the Storm Voice of the Storm

Additional, there is a chance for her to also drop a Blessing of Esh Blessing of Esh which can be used to upgrade her unique items.

Esh's Domain

Empowered Breachstone

The area of an Empowered Breachstone offers an increase in quantity and rarity of items found, as well as an increase in monster level, monster experience and monster pack size over their normal counterparts.

They can be aquired by upgrading a normal Breachstone, in the Crafting Bench, that appears in a Immortal Syndicate Safehouse if It That Fled was also present there.

Breachstones Monster Level
Esh’s Breachstone 70
Esh’s Charged Breachstone 74
Esh’s Enriched Breachstone 79
Esh’s Pure Breachstone 81


Since the breaches can spawn a very large number of monsters that hit hard is advisable to be cautious when opening breaches; death can come quickly and without warning.

Characters that have high survivability, high mobility, high damage output as well as good area clearing ability are best at effectively clearing breaches.

Strategies (not all may be suitable for your build):

  • Avoid opening breaches near dangerous fights – i.e. clear the area first before opening; fighting a breach and a map boss at the same time, for example, can pose a very large risk of character death
  • When in a party coordinate the opening
  • Consider creating a portal near the breach for emergency escape and/or quick return in the case of death
  • Watch out for the type of breach you are facing; some breaches might pose a larger risk to some characters than others.
  • Try to stay in a corner or room instead of the middle of the breach to avoid having all monsters instantly attack you. Clear monsters carefully area by area
  • Be careful when leaving the breach area; while the monsters disappear outside of the circle, it is still possible for them to hit you for a short period of time
  • If you are faced with breach that you can’t handle, consider leaving the area for a while until it times out
  • Simply not opening a breach can also be a good option; use movement skills like Lightning Warp Lightning Warp or Leap Slam Leap Slam to bypass the opening area

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