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PoE Oil is a currency which added to Path of Exile in the Blight league. The Blight oils drop from that league eponymous Blight encounters and can be used to modify items.

PoE Oil Chart & List

12 different oils exist in a strict progression system. The following is the oil list.

Item Drop
Oil Tier
Clear Oil 1 1
Sepia Oil 10 2
Amber Oil 19 3
Verdant Oil 27 4
Teal Oil 36 5
Azure Oil 44 6
Violet Oil 52 7
Crimson Oil 60 8
Black Oil 68 9
Opalescent Oil 73 10
Silver Oil 78 11
Golden Oil 80 12

PoE Oil Recipe

Oil vendor recipe: 3 the same tier oils can be vendored for 1 next oil. For example, vendor 3 Clear Oil for a Sepia oil and 59049 Clear Oils for a Silver Oil. Ther are a total of 12 tiers. Therefore, in order to get a Golden Oil, you may need vendor 3^11 Clear Oil, or 3 Silver Oils.

Tier PoE Oil Chart Vendor Clear Oil Recipe
1 Clear Oil
2 Sepia Oil 3 3x Clear Oil = 1x Sepia Oil
3 Amber Oil 9 9x Clear Oil = 1x Amber Oil
4 Verdant Oil 27 27x Clear Oil = 1x Verdant Oil
5 Teal Oil 81 81x Clear Oil = 1x Teal Oil
6 Azure Oil 243 243x Clear Oil = 1x Azure Oil
7 Violet Oil 729 729x Clear Oil = 1x Violet Oil
8 Crimson Oil 2187 2187x Clear Oil = 1x Crimson Oil
9 Black Oil 6561 6561x Clear Oil = 1x Black Oil
10 Opalescent Oil 19683 19683x Clear Oil = 1x Opalescent Oil
11 Silver Oil 59049 59049x Clear Oil = 1x Silver Oil
12 Golden Oil 177147 177147x Clear Oil = 1x Golden Oil

PoE Oils Blight Price

The following is the price for PoE Oils. You can obtain a Clear Oil for an Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration or one Golden oil for 2 Exalted Orbs.

PoE Oil Spreadsheet Price
Clear Oil 1x Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration
Sepia Oil 2x Orb of Alteration Orb of Alteration
Amber Oil 1x Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy
Verdant Oil 2x Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy
Teal Oil 1x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Azure Oil 5x Orb of Fusing Orb of Fusing
Violet Oil 1x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Crimson Oil 5x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Black Oil 9x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Opalescent Oil 20x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Silver Oil 0.7x Exalted Orb Exalted Orb
Golden Oil 1.8x Exalted Orb Exalted Orb

Blight Oils Mechanics

Oils can be applied to Blight mapsringsamulets or blight unique items in order to add new modifiers or the effect of a passive skill:

Type Oils Effect
Blight map 1x Increased monster pack size and effect depending on the oil
Rings 2x Buffs to Towers

Blight unique items

3x Applies the effect of a passive skill from the passive skill tree without the need to allocate it.

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