Atziri’s Arsenal Divination Card PoE – Farming Unique Weapon

Atziri’s Arsenal Atziri’s Arsenal is a divination card. A set of 4 can be exchanged for a random corrupted unique weapon.

Outcome Amount Divination Card Drop Location
a random corrupted Weapon 4 Atziri’s Arsenal Atziri’s Arsenal Vaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri

How to get Atziri’s Arsenal

1. Farming in Vaults of Atziri

  • Vaults of Atziri Vaults of Atziri Vaal Pyramid Map. Atlas Region: Haewark Hamlet.

The drop rate is random.

2. Buy it from other players

The price of Atziri’s Arsenal Atziri’s Arsenal is about 2 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy.

3. Stacked Deck: random divination card

A Stacked Deck Stacked Deck is a currency item that can be used to gain one random divination card.

4. The Gambler: random divination card

The Gambler The Gambler is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a random divination card.

Atziri's Arsenal

Price: ~ 2 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy

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List of Unique Weapon


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Chober Chaber Chober Chaber
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Lavianga’s Wisdom Lavianga’s Wisdom
Brutus’ Lead Sprinkler
Kongor’s Undying Rage Kongor’s Undying Rage
Mark of the Doubting Knight Mark of the Doubting Knight
Jorrhast’s Blacksteel Jorrhast’s Blacksteel
Flesh-Eater Flesh-Eater
Nebulis Nebulis (Synthesised)
Scaeva Scaeva
Bitterdream Bitterdream
Chitus’ Needle
Hrimnor’s Hymn Hrimnor’s Hymn
Ewar’s Mirage Ewar’s Mirage
Reefbane Reefbane
Redbeak Redbeak
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer (Life ES)
The Blood Reaper The Blood Reaper
Terminus Est Terminus Est
Dying Breath Dying Breath
Tremor Rod Tremor Rod
The Blood Thorn The Blood Thorn
Trypanon Trypanon
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer (Life Mana)
Tidebreaker Tidebreaker
The Dancing Dervish The Dancing Dervish
Dreamfeather Dreamfeather
Pillar of the Caged God Pillar of the Caged God
The Supreme Truth The Supreme Truth
Bloodseeker Bloodseeker
The Dark Seer The Dark Seer (Mana ES)
Advancing Fortress Advancing Fortress
Femurs of the Saints Femurs of the Saints
Sinvicta’s Mettle Sinvicta’s Mettle
Piscator’s Vigil Piscator’s Vigil
Doomsower Doomsower
Taryn’s Shiver Taryn’s Shiver
Relentless Fury Relentless Fury
Al Dhih Al Dhih
Last Resort Last Resort
Hiltless Hiltless
Prismatic Eclipse Prismatic Eclipse
Abberath’s Horn Abberath’s Horn
Iron Commander Iron Commander
Rebuke of the Vaal Rebuke of the Vaal
Eclipse Solaris Eclipse Solaris
Divinarius Divinarius
Cane of Unravelling Cane of Unravelling
Innsbury Edge Innsbury Edge
Balefire Balefire
Ngamahu’s Flame Ngamahu’s Flame
Kondo’s Pride Kondo’s Pride
Moonsorrow Moonsorrow
Story of the Vaal Story of the Vaal
Shiversting Shiversting
Jack, the Axe
Fencoil Fencoil
Nycta’s Lantern Nycta’s Lantern
Apep’s Rage Apep’s Rage
Kaom’s Primacy Kaom’s Primacy
Silverbranch Silverbranch
Hegemony’s Era Hegemony’s Era
Kitava’s Feast Kitava’s Feast
Goredrill Goredrill
Bloodplay Bloodplay
Allure Allure
Dyadus Dyadus
Singularity Singularity
Mightflay Mightflay
Ungil’s Gauche Ungil’s Gauche
Ephemeral Edge Ephemeral Edge
Taproot Taproot
Clayshaper Clayshaper
Null’s Inclination Null’s Inclination
Essentia Sanguis Essentia Sanguis
Aurumvorax Aurumvorax
Touch of Anguish Touch of Anguish
Quill Rain Quill Rain
Wings of Entropy Wings of Entropy
Limbsplit Limbsplit
Ahn’s Might Ahn’s Might
Ashcaller Ashcaller
Rive Rive
Lakishu’s Blade Lakishu’s Blade
Oro’s Sacrifice Oro’s Sacrifice
Nuro’s Harp Nuro’s Harp
Shade of Solaris Shade of Solaris
Mjölner Mjölner
Widowmaker Widowmaker
Martyr of Innocence Martyr of Innocence
Axiom Perpetuum Axiom Perpetuum
Wildslash Wildslash
Cybil’s Paw Cybil’s Paw
Izaro’s Dilemma Izaro’s Dilemma
The Searing Touch The Searing Touch
The Wasp Nest The Wasp Nest
Debeon’s Dirge Debeon’s Dirge
Doomfletch Doomfletch
Geofri’s Baptism Geofri’s Baptism
Dreadarc Dreadarc
Mortem Morsu Mortem Morsu
Witchhunter’s Judgment Witchhunter’s Judgment
Realmshaper Realmshaper
Xirgil’s Crank Xirgil’s Crank
Ichimonji Ichimonji
Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice
Mon’tregul’s Grasp
Death’s Hand Death’s Hand
White Wind White Wind
Marohi Erqi Marohi Erqi
Reaper’s Pursuit Reaper’s Pursuit
Void Battery Void Battery
The Stormheart The Stormheart
Arakaali’s Fang Arakaali’s Fang
Queen’s Decree Queen’s Decree
Ornament of the East Ornament of the East
Moonbender’s Wing Moonbender’s Wing
Agnerod East Agnerod East
Fidelitas’ Spike
Twyzel Twyzel
Duskdawn Duskdawn
Infractem Infractem
Daresso’s Passion Daresso’s Passion
Bino’s Kitchen Knife Bino’s Kitchen Knife
Rigwald’s Charge Rigwald’s Charge
The Goddess Scorned The Goddess Scorned
Lioneye’s Glare Lioneye’s Glare
Reverberation Rod Reverberation Rod
Hezmana’s Bloodlust Hezmana’s Bloodlust
Tulfall Tulfall
Soul Taker Soul Taker
Midnight Bargain Midnight Bargain
Edge of Madness Edge of Madness
Wideswing Wideswing
Agnerod South Agnerod South
Uul-Netol’s Kiss Uul-Netol’s Kiss
Chin Sol Chin Sol
Soulwrest Soulwrest
Rigwald’s Savagery Rigwald’s Savagery
Agnerod West Agnerod West
The Screaming Eagle The Screaming Eagle
Death’s Harp Death’s Harp
Rigwald’s Command Rigwald’s Command
Song of the Sirens Song of the Sirens
The Goddess Bound The Goddess Bound
Agnerod North Agnerod North
Xoph’s Inception Xoph’s Inception
Varunastra Varunastra
The Grey Spire The Grey Spire
Obliteration Obliteration
The Poet’s Pen The Poet’s Pen
Hyaon’s Fury Hyaon’s Fury
Storm Prison Storm Prison
Lifesprig Lifesprig
Sire of Shards Sire of Shards
Windripper Windripper
Hand of Wisdom and Action Hand of Wisdom and Action
Roth’s Reach Roth’s Reach
Pledge of Hands Pledge of Hands
Storm Cloud Storm Cloud
The Harvest The Harvest
Voltaxic Rift Voltaxic Rift
Severed in Sleep Severed in Sleep
The Whispering Ice The Whispering Ice

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