Storm Cloud Prophecy – Storm on the Horizon PoE

Storm on the Horizon Storm on the Horizon is a prophecy.

Outcome Ingredient Note
Storm Cloud Storm Cloud 1x Storm on the Horizon Storm on the Horizon Prophecy reward


Kill a rare Brittle Poacher in one of the following locations:

  • Act 1 – The Lower Prison
  • Act 1 – The Upper Prison
  • Act 6 – The Beacon
  • Act 9 – The Refinery
  • Map – Cells
  • Map – Chateau
  • Map – Museum
  • Abandoned Prison


Brittle Poacher will drop Storm Cloud Storm Cloud upon slaying.

Storm on the Horizon

Price: ~ 19 Silver Coin Silver Coin

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Brittle Poacher

Brittle Poacher is a type of Skeletal Archer.

Brittle Poacher

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