PoE Twinned Maps

Twinned Map

Twinned map: Area contains two Unique Bosses.

How to get Twinned maps

You can buy Twinned maps by searching Twinned in Path of Exile Trade.

PoE Twinned Maps

Complete Twinned Maps Challenges

Complete 12 of the following 16 Map Tiers while they have the Twinned Modifier. Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses. Tier1, Tier 2, …, Tier 15, Tier 16.

Twinned Modifier

Name Stats IIQ Pack
IIR Spawn Weighting
Twinned Area contains two Unique Bosses 19% 7% 11% cannot_be_twinned 0
secret_area 0
default 1000

Maps that can be twinned

Except for maps with cannot_be_twinned tag, other maps are all can be twinned. For example, Cemetery Map cannot be twinned.

Maps cannot be twinned

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Maps that cannot be twinned

Cannot be Twinned Maps
Altered Distant Memory
Basilica Map
Belfry Map
Cemetery Map
Coral Ruins Map
Defiled Cathedral Map
Desert Spring Map
Dig Map
Fields Map
Forge of the Phoenix Map
Graveyard Map
Hallowed Ground
Infested Valley Map
Lair of the Hydra Map
Lava Lake Map
Maze of the Minotaur Map
Overgrown Ruin Map
Pen Map
Pit of the Chimera Map
Primordial Blocks Map
Reef Map
Rewritten Distant Memory
Siege Map
Summit Map
Sunken City Map
Terrace Map
The Shaper’s Realm
Tower Map
Vaal Temple Map
Waste Pool Map

Twinned Map Prophecy

Deadly Twins Deadly Twins is a prophecy: you will enter a map and slay the Twinned bosses in it.

Objective: enter any map which will contain doubled map bosses.

Note: This prophecy can not trigger in map with the Twinned prefix.

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