MT Coins are the main currency items in NBA 2K21. Auction House is one of the best places to farm MT Coins. Players can buy cards in NBA 2K21 by exchanging MT coins with other players. Meanwhile, you can also farm MT currency by selling cards, completing a large number of missions. You can see your total MT coins in the user bar strip at the upper right of most screens in the mode.

NBA 2K21 MT Coins Farming Tips

In the NBA 2K21, weakest players are one of the most important factors for a team. Even if you’ve raised the top five with superstars, you still need a stable support lineup if you’re going to shine in the game. That’s why MT coins play such a key role. You can use it to unlock powerful players and build an unparalleled team of top players (including former and current NBA players). To ensure that you have a valuable advantage in competitive online mode, please improve your team and beat competitors! Enjoy playing NBA 2K and farming millions of MT coins. You can follow these tips and tricks without a glitch:

1. Auction House

The best place to get MT coins is the Auction House. You can sell your unwanted player for an awesome number of coins. Or, you can buy valuable player cards at a low price and then flip it for a high price.

Participate in a large number of TTOs (reduce contract costs) and learn how to trade at the auction house. I used to buy gold (5 games) contracts for 550 MT and sell them for 1000 MT. It seems that the current running speed has dropped to 700 or 800 MT, so it’s not worth it after 10% commission. But browse the auction house, find one or two items you can buy cheaply, flip them to make a profit, and repeat. A lot of ppl silver medalists. However, you only need to find your own market segment, scroll to the 4-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour tags, and then you can find the newly released products to see if there is anything cheap. It takes time to learn, but it’s worth it.

2. Buy NBA 2K21 MT from Sellers

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You can enjoy an extra 1% discount by registering for a new account.

Auction House is the safest place to exchange cards for MT coins. You can list your own players for MT coins and then U4GM purchases it. You can set a random bidding price for your player, however, the buy now price must equal to the MUT coins you will purchase at U4GM. Also, remember the transaction fee is 10%.

  • Auction Ends: suggest over 23 hours
  • Buy Now Price: the number of coins you want to buy at U4GM(Note: the Auction House transaction fee is 10%)

3. Challenges

One of the most effective ways to farm VC and MT is to take on challenges. Challenges are broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, and lifetime. These challenges help you pick up some extra value while grinding game modes.

At the cost of making you play certain players in certain ways, you’re often doubling rewards after the game. That’s well worth it in the long run.

Knocking out your challenges every day really helps give you an edge to forming your legendary lineup.

4. Finding your strengths and make MT coins

There are over 100 kinds of players in NBA 2K, each coming with different badges. Finding the right balance for your playstyle is very important. Whether you want your point guard to be lights out from a distance or a wizard distributing the ball, it all changes your team dynamic.

To find your strengths play a few matches and spend entire games on one positional player. A good one to start with is Power Forward since the position has evolved so much over time. Whether you’re a stretch four, paint beast, or somewhere in between, you should give each a try to find your fit.

Once you know the archetypes you play best with, you can optimize your MyTEAM so you can outplay stock lineups.

5. Set budget parameters for MT

You can only get MT in MyTEAM, and there are many ways to get MT this year. You can get it by doing almost everything in the pattern. Don’t spend money immediately, just like VC components, you need to decide how to distribute the spoils. Budget your valuable MT coins.

How much will be spent on chasing big names in the auction area and how much will you spend on opening packages?

Package and open and auction houses are good ways to add team members. Unfortunately, you can’t buy large boxes with MT (that’s why it’s still good to use some VC in MyTEAM boxes).

You can buy a single package and it gives you the opportunity to have the best cards in each set. I like to use a 50-50 ratio between auction and packaging.

6. Domination

By playing through Domination you can get a ton of game experience and farming plenty of rewards, including MT coins. What’s more, you choose the difficulty for every game. Obviously, the higher the difficulty, the greater the reward.

The aim is to collect stars that count toward additional rewards. Completing the first game on Rookie difficulty will give you 375 MT, three team cards, and a team logo, along with one star towards the overall rewards.

If you complete it on All-Star, the rewards will jump up to 625 MT, three team cards, and Evolution player from that team who you can upgrade, and three stars.

In all, you can earn 36 tokens, tens of thousands of MT, and a 91 OVR Sam Jones SG/SF if you earn 99 stars. Earning 33 stars in ’20 Domination will unlock Historic Domination, and 33 stars there will unlock All-Time Domination.

Between the three you can rack up a lot of MT, a ton of players, evolution cards, tokens, and plenty of game experience.

7. Set an MT and VC paydays

This is an important part of the plan. It is not wise to spend MT and VC every day or whenever you reach a certain amount. In most cases, this approach will never allow you to get the most out of your card or accurately assess when an upgrade is needed.

If you play MyTeam every day (where possible, with some cool daily login rewards and wheel spin), you’ll get a lot of MT. Use the VC you get from other modes to a group, and the supply of game resources is unlimited.

If Friday is your MT and VC payday, it’s the day you should go to the auction house and buy the packaging. For example, if you’ve accumulated 80000 MT and 45000 VC this week, you know you’ll take 40000 MT to the auction house and buy the package with the other half.

If you have 45000 VC, you can pour 33000 VC into MyPlayer, but the other part can be used for packaging. If you want to know, it’s OK to spend some tokens every day, especially if you’re a perfectionist. These cards will only be added to your collection. There is no real benefit in saving a token unless you are not interested in getting the next available reward.

8. Grinding MT in the long run

In NBA 2K21, grinding MT is a long-term process, requiring players to complete challenges and obtain rewards in different game modes (Domination, TTO, and Triple Threat Offline). These difficulties are divided into different difficulty levels. You will get more rewards each time you complete the most difficult difficulty. The most popular model among fans is “Triple Threat Offline” because it can bring multiple rewards than other modes.

9. Triple Threat online/offline

Triple Threat is the perfect game mode for anyone looking for quick games with constant and instant rewards. Playable online or offline, you play 3-on-3 basketball, first to 21 points and you receive rewards at various win totals, all the way up to 1,000 wins.

The rewards vary, from tokens to various types of packs, and from MT to specific players. For example, for 50 wins you’ll earn an 88 OVR Darius Miles.

What is particularly great about this game mode is you are matched with opponents based on your team’s quality. If you have a lineup of 80 OVRs, you’ll play against 80 OVRs. It’s great for getting your feet wet and earning meaningful rewards along the way.

10. Play more, get more

If you want to farm a lot of MT fast, you should focus on one game mode and play more, get more. If you use the legendary NBA 2K21, you will get 50000 MT, which can help you build an ideal team, but remember, these 500000 MT can be put into use later in the winter. Another tip is to enter the auction house immediately so that you can buy good players at a lower price. You will confront the team online, and the team you are facing will be improved, so the auction house is necessary.

11. Don’t waste your MT on junk cards

First, you need to make a lot of MT, so try to save MyTeam points 2K21 and don’t waste them, because it will be a worthless investment. I know you want good ballers like Lebron James, Russell Westbrook, and more, but you can save MT for the future. You can complete the Dwyane Wade spotlight challenges and get Dwyane Wade for free. After 15 matches, he can easily upgrade to Ruby level or higher.

12. Locker Code for free

No price is better than free, and NBA 2K21 gives you a few options for free players. You can redeem a Locker Code for player, pack, or MT in NBA 2K21 MyTeam. These codes are often expired in a week and some are never expired. You can get these codes on 2K's Twitter. Follow them and obtain more chances to get free codes for MyTEAM Points.

Along with free players NBA 2K21 has had plenty of free packs. Whether attached to events or temporary locker codes, you can probably find a free pack or two at any time. These packs could help give you the talent you need to compete.

As long as you keep up to date on temporary locker code goodies, you can stack your team for the cost of nothing at all.

13. Buy player cards directly

Do not spend MT on any pack, please buy the required card directly. Unless you really like gambling and know that you may end up with a lot less than you started.

14. Understand the Meta

Each year the meta in MyTeam is a little different. This year, swingmen with length, shooting, and the ability to finish at the hoop ar the most valuable kinds of cards. Be sure to target those kinds of players for Triple Threat Online and MyTeam Unlimited matches.

The best players will have the ability to dominate with the likes of Galaxy Opal Michael Jordan, Tracy McGrady, and others. Any of the Pink Diamond or even Diamond versions of Giannis Antetokounmpo are invaluable because of his versatility.

15. Unlockable players

NBA 2K21 has plenty of different routes for unlocking players, and most come without any cost if you have the time. The best player to unlock right now for free is Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant, who can be earned by completing Kobe’s Spoltight Sim and Historic Spotlight Sim.

Beyond challenges, you can also unlock players by collecting. You can collect 10 players from each tier set to unlock the next tier via tokens. You can also unlock players by collecting specific numbers of players, all the way up to Galaxy Opal level players.

16. Completing sets

Completing sets may be fun in the game, but ask yourself, do I really need or want to the provided rewards, and do I have to obtain one of the cards? Once you have set up and redeemed the rewards, you will not be able to sell the cards in the collection. If the reward is not worth giving up on that flexibility, it's best not to ask for it.

How to buy NBA 2K21 MT?

(1) Auction House is the safest place to exchange cards for MT coins. You can list your own players for MT coins and then U4GM purchases it. You can set a random bidding price for your player, however, the buy now price must equal to the MUT coins you will purchase at U4GM. Also, remember the transaction fee is 10%.

  • Auction Ends: suggest over 23 hours
  • Buy Now Price: the number of coins you want to buy at U4GM(Note: the Auction House transaction fee is 10%)

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Questions related to NBA 2K21

1. Is buying NBA 2K21 MT safe or get banned?

Actually, NBA 2K21 officially against the behavior of buying MT coins from sellers. There are many ways you can earn coins in the game. However, buying coins does always means your account will be banned. You must trade MT in Auction House which is the only best and safest place. Another thing is to choose a safe place to buy MT. Meanwhile, you must not give your account password to any seller.

2. Is NBA 2K21 worth playing?

The new NBA 2K21 is definitely worth it! You can buy and play the game now. You will be surprised by the improvements in in-game engine and AI. AI learned to defend better. There is a way to fight against the most valuable players in the other team. There is also a way to protect the perimeter, which is called “wall up” and “protect the perimeter”.

For at least a decade, they’ve focused on making games look good with smooth animation because they’ve lost responsive controls. Now, the game’s playing method is more like a “real quick fight”. Here I have to press a series of commands to make the players move. It doesn’t matter if you’re just reacting quickly to the stick. When you want the player to stop playing, it’s too bad. The game is busy playing the animation, so it looks good. I’m sorry because I used to like basketball games. I wonder if I will come again.

3. What is the best card in 2K21?

NBA 2K21 has some really amazing basketball legends in MyTeam. From Dwayne Wade to Scottie Pippen, the following is the best-ranked player card:

  1. Dwyane Wade
  2. Anthony Davis
  3. Julius Erving
  4. Grant Hill
  5. Dominique Wilkins
  6. Penny Hardaway
  7. Arvydas Sabonis
  8. Scottie Pippen
  9. Dirk Nowitzki

4. How many cards are in 2K21 MyTeam?

There will be valuable awards for reaching different milestones, the highest of which is Galaxy Opal Anthony Davis. If you collect a total of 2900 cards, you can get this elite-level Unibrow. It’s a long and arduous journey, but as I said, you’ll get some good rewards in the process.

5. Where is the Best Place to Buy MT 2K21?

U4GM is a legit and safe website that offers the cheap MT coins.(Coupon: Z123). They offer best price for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch. You can see the review from Trustpilot: 86% of customers are very satisfied with U4GM. I have also purchased MT from them and I received the coins instantly.