An Unseen Peril Prophecy PoE

An Unseen Peril An Unseen Peril is a prophecy.

  • You will be attacked by stronger than normal monsters when opening a Strongbox.


Open a strongbox. All normal monsters spawned become magic.

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An Unseen Peril

Price: ~ 1 Orb of Alchemy Orb of Alchemy


An Unseen Peril An Unseen Peril only activates upon opening a strongbox, rather than entering a map, so multiple instances of this prophecy can be sealed and taken into the map as items and activated every time you wish to open a strongbox. This creates a strong synergy with Monstrous Treasure Monstrous Treasure as well as modifiers to the Magic monsters of an area. Note that you will need to activate a new Unseen Peril before every strongbox you wish to open this way.

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