Grinding NBA 2K21 MT in the long run

This guide will show you how to quickly earn MT on NBA 2K21 (the main currency in my team / my team mode)

NBA 2K21 is the latest basketball champion for visual concepts and 2K games. As we all know, video games have always had many modes to choose from, such as playing now, my career and my team. The guide will be based on the latter as we will reveal some tips for earning the main currency of the multiplayer game model. Let’s start to introduce how to earn MT quickly on NBA 2K21!

Let’s start!

Let’s start to explain what MT credits are. The latter is crucial for our team and is able to buy more players, coaches and everything we find in the game store, which allows us to get contracts or we won’t be able to play in all kinds of games.

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Play games in all fields

It seems like a trivial suggestion, but in fact, not so many participants put these challenges aside. They are divided into the following two domains: domain 20, historical domain and absolute domain. It’s essentially a challenge with historical and non historical teams (controlled by the CPU), and at the end of each challenge, you’ll get an MT award in addition to the rewards you get based on your performance. By playing at the recommended maximum difficulty, you will be able to earn an average of 1900 / 2000 MT per game. In addition, there are two software packs that will bring you some minor rewards, such as contracts, uniforms, etc.

Keep up with the dress code

The locker room code is essentially a gift from 2K developers. The code will be posted on the NBA 2K21 myteam twitter official account (shown below). To redeem, you must enter it through the locker room code item in my team settings. In most cases, the prize includes throwing a ball , depending on the final position, which will give you the corresponding bonus. Most prizes include MT credits, so it represents a quick and easy way.

Mind the challenge

In the “NBA 2K21 my team” mode, there are various challenges, which will be updated regularly. MomentI challenge and multiplayer challenge, in fact, all other challenges that reward MT are very profitable. With such a challenge, you will really get bonus points beyond the classic nba 2K21 mt at the end of the game.

Sales – NBA 2K21 my team

Buying and selling players, not buying and selling players, is one of the best ways to increase our MT profits. The event is certainly less fun and less dynamic, because we will have to find players based on the color of their cards and the price offered, and then sell them at a higher price. But if you feel di Caprio in Wall Street wolf, you may be equally satisfied because you have to analyze the prices of various auctions to get the most out of them.

To make a purchase, simply go to auction, set up various filters, and then continue. Initially, we suggest that you dedicate yourself to “silver” or “head check” players, making 500 / 1000 MT each time, up to “Diamonds” and “pink diamonds”, and the revenue is much higher. Another tip is to buy the most common “Diamonds” (or usually rare players) and publish them with the packs that contain them, because the price will be low and will go up when there are no more packs . Affordable.

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