Path of Exile Mac Release Date - macOS

Path of Exile 3.12: Heist on macOS

Path of Exile: Heist will launch on September 18 (PDT) on PC, and September 23 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. GGG is releasing Path of Exile 3.12 for macOS alongside the Heist expansion! This version of the Path of Exile is fully integrated into the main worldwide PC realm so you can access your existing accounts and microtransactions.

Path of Exile 3.12 on macOS

Path of Exile Mac Release Date

The release date of the Path of Exile Mac is September 18, 2020. It is alongside the 3.12 PC expansion!

Server PoE 3.12 Release Date
macOS September 18, 2020

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Path of Exile Mac Release Date

Mac version = PC version

  • The macOS version is fully integrated into the main worldwide Path of Exile PC realm and is entirely identical to the PC version.
  • The release date of Mac version follows the same schedule as PC version.
  • Mac players will get all the updates simultaneously with the PC players.
  • Mac version uses the same accounts as the PC version.

Do not plan to launch on Mac App Store

Currently, there is not a plan to launch Path of Exile on the Mac App Store at this stage, but expect to have the macOS version directly available via site and on Steam.

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