PoE Harvest Layout Guide

Harvest Layout Name Spreadsheet Author Guide
PoE Harvest 3.11 Farm Template Spreadsheet SalteeKibosh Mapped out the Sacred Grove layout and added some icons to play around with.
Harvest Map Layout Spreadsheet Blees-o-tron It includes a Full layout plan, a more efficient plan, a Pylon connection example, and layout brainstorms.
Harvest Final Garden Setup Spreadsheet DollarAkshay It includes Garden Setup with Pylons, Extra Storage Setup, Awakened Storage Setup, Garden Setup, and Garden Layout.
PoE Extreme Garden Layout Spreadsheet XeitPL Extreme Garden Setup (max rewards).
Connections: Space efficient gardening setup Images esk213 99.5% space efficient gardening setup. All tiers. Connection guides.
Fla_Panther’s Harvest Garden Layout Spreadsheet Fla_Panther A Simple Spreadsheet.
Harvest League Optimal Grove Layout Spreadsheet DelvinH Full 24-seed plots for every tier and color, 3 T1 plots per color next to portal, 24-tank storages.
Harvest Layouts Spreadsheet moocubed Awesome Garden Planner
Garden Setup with focus on storage capacity and clarity Images fatSquirrel42 Harvest garden layout guide.

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Harvest Garden Equipment


Collectors are used to harvest fully grown plants of matching color within a 5×5 grid around itself. You must have at least 8 fully grown plants in order to start harvesting. It costs 25 Lifeforce to craft.

Each collector can also store up to 50 Lifeforce. You can use the auto-plant button to automatically plants seeds of the same color in your inventory around it.

PoE Lifeforce Collector


Dispersers use stored lifeforce to fertilize crops in a 5×5 grid around itself. It costs 30 Lifeforce to craft.

PoE Disperser

Storage Tank

Storage Tanks are used to store condensed lifeforce to be used for fertilizing crops. Each Storage Tank can hold up to 300 Lifeforce. It costs 75 Lifeforce to craft.

Storage Tank

Horticrafting Station

Horticrafting Stations can store crafts from a harvest, allowing you to save crafting options for later. It costs 1800 Lifeforce to craft, which means you must harvest multiple higher tier crops at once in order to craft one.

Horticrafting Station


Pylons are used to connect equipment with each other. They have a range of approximately 4 tiles. You can have up to 4 connections for each pylon. If connected to any Collector or Storage Tank containing any amount of Lifeforce, all connected equipment much have matching colors. It costs 10 Lifeforce to craft.

Harvest Pylon

Growing your crops

Once you’ve acquired a seed, you can plant them in any free space within the Sacred Grove. Tier 1 seeds only need time (clicks 3 seed caches from 3 different instance) to grow, but higher tier seeds need plants of one tier lower adjacent to them and require extra condensed Lifeforce from a Disperser in order to grow.

You can remove plants by Ctrl+Left Clicking on them (in PC; console has different binding). Removing plants resets their growth, including any condensed Lifeforce you may have given them.


Once you have at least 8 fully grown crops of the same color within range of a Collector, you can begin the harvest, spawning monsters from each crop. Once all monsters are killed, you can use then use the Collector to craft. Each crop gives Lifeforce and a random one-time use crafting option from its specified crafting pool. Monsters will be stronger and more rewarding the more Lifeforce you harvest at once. Monsters may also drop seeds of one tier higher when killed.

You must use your crafting options as soon as it is revealed, unless you have a Horticrafting Station to store crafting options for future use. Any unused lifeforce can be condensed and stored to be used to fertilize crops. Condensed Lifeforce cannot be used for future crafting. Collectors and Storage Tanks can store condensed Lifeforce up to a capacity. If you do not have enough storage space, the excess is lost.

You can craft on items in you Stash. You cannot transfer items between your inventory and stash from here, and if the item turns into a new items, you must collect it from there.


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