Buy currency? Choose these 5 ways

5 ways help you without buying poe currency:

5 ways help you without buying poe currency

1. Map
-Regular map and remove from the map.
-Set your syndicate members to provide the required drop (for me, it would be the Asian sulfite turtle to open your mine to get additional sources or drops).
-Do prophecy from time to time, they are likely to be in the map-drawing process, some of them are quite valuable or useful.

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2. delve (from category A, point 2)
farm azurite mine Upgrade your crawler / equipment stats for a comfortable delving experience. Go deeper, better opportunities, rare encounters. You should also try to find fragile walls in every corner, and the fossils they may contain. I guess so far, I have only made 200 chaos orb by selling fossils.

3. farm labyrinth
-For meta-helmet or all-time favorites, such as “Starkonja’s Head Starkonja’s Head” valuable enchant.
-The maximum amount of keys.

4. Special encounters (also from A.2)
Special scarabs or incursion temples may bring some money making opportunities.
-Breakout Labs/scarabs run the domain of the breach lord (it can also be upgraded in the research safe house by “It Escapes”)
-harbinger balls from syndicate / zana to interesting higher level maps (or stock your maps to complete). Also gives you a chance to get my beachhead map.
-farm atzirto sells item drops and uber shards (this also includes shaper shards and his guardian; depends on what you can farm)

5. chaos recipe (very simple when running atziri, lab or maps)

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