PoE Delirium Boss Guide

PoE Delirium Boss: (Kosis, The Revelation), (Omniphobia, Fear Manifest). Using Simulacrum Simulacrum to open the boss fighting area. Sometimes the player can also encounter the boss in maps affected by the Delirium mist.

Location: Lunacy’s Watch, The Bridge Enraptured, The Syndrome Encampment, Hysteriagate or Oriath Delusion.

1. How to spawn PoE Delirium Boss

  • Simulacrum Simulacrum

Simulacrum Simulacrum is a map fragment. Using a Simulacrum Simulacrum will open 6 portals to Lunacy’s Watch, The Bridge Enraptured, The Syndrome Encampment, Hysteriagate or Oriath Delusion. In these areas, you will fight delirium boss.

How to get Simulacrum

  • Combine 300 Simulacrum Splinter Simulacrum Splinter to create a Simulacrum Simulacrum.
  • The price of Simulacrum Simulacrum is about an Exalted Orb Exalted Orb.

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2. Fight Final Delirium Boss Strategy

The arena is based on one of the town zones, which include Lioneye’s Watch (Act 6), The Bridge Encampment (Act 7), The Sarn Encampment (Act 8), Highgate (Act 4/9), or Oriath Docks (Act 10).

There are a total of 20 waves of enemies to defeat. Interacting with the Strangely Familiar Entity will summon the wave. Each wave increases the difficulty and rewards. Higher waves add additional monster modifiers and increases the level of Delirium. Once the entire wave of enemies is cleared, it will drop all the loot listed. A Stash is available in the zone, allowing you to transfer items between waves. Starting a new wave will destroy all items on the ground.

The Delirium bosses : Omniphobia, Fear Manifest can start spawning at wave 10 and is guaranteed to spawn at wave 15 if he doesn’t spawn before, while Kosis, The Revelation can start spawning at wave 15 and is guaranteed to spawn at wave 20 if he doesn’t spawn before. Delirium Bosses have increased chance to spawn starting at wave 18 and can spawn several times per Simulacrum Simulacrum.

3. Delirium Atlas Passives

Category Name Show Full Descriptions Atlas Region
Notable That Which You Seek
Areas have +10% chance to contain a mirror of Delirium Tirn’s End Tirn’s End
Notable Greater Forces
Delirium in Areas increases 50% faster with distance from the mirror Tirn’s End Tirn’s End
Notable The Singular Eternity
Delirium Fog in Areas dissipates 25% slower
Delirium Fog in Areas lasts 10 additional seconds before dissipating
Tirn’s End Tirn’s End
Cluster Jewel Chance
Delirium Monsters in Areas have 15% increased chance to drop Cluster Jewels Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris
Notable Pathological
Maps found in Areas have 5% chance to have layers of Delirium Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris
Notable Compulsive Hoarder
Delirium Encounters in Areas have 10% chance to generate three additional Reward types Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris
Notable Persecutory Delusion
Delirium Encounters in Areas are 100% more likely to spawn Unique Bosses
Delirium Bosses in Areas drop 100% increased Simulacrum Simulacrum Splinters
Delirium Bosses in Areas have 100% increased chance to drop Unique Cluster Jewels
Lex Ejoris Lex Ejoris

4. Kosis, The Revelation

(Kosis, The Revelation) is one the two Delirium bosses.

Kosis, The Revelation

Resistance(s) 40% Cold Resistance
40% Fire Resistance
40% Lightning Resistance
25% Chaos Resistance
Modifier(s) Chaos Damage does not bypass Energy Shield
Cannot be fully Slowed
66% Less Curse Effectiveness

Mechanics Explained – Kosis, The Revelation

5. Omniphobia, Fear Manifest

(Omniphobia, Fear Manifest) is another Delirium boss.

Omniphobia, Fear Manifest

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