Engineer’s Orb Path of Exile: PoE Strongbox Quality, Engineer’s Shard PoE

Path of Exile Engineer’s Orb

Engineer’s Orb Engineer’s Orb improves the quality of a Strongbox. More Strongbox quality means more Item Quantity. Increased Item Quantity from items does not increase the number of items dropped from a strongbox. However, map quantity and the quality of Strongbox do increase the number of items dropped from most strongboxes.

All strongboxes are normally capped at 20% quality and each Engineer’s Orb Engineer’s Orb currency that affect quality will improve:

  • normal strongboxes by 5%.
  • magic strongboxes by 2%.
  • rare and unique strongboxes by 1%.

Engineer's Orb

There are different types of strongboxes, only Diviner’s Strongbox, Cartographer’s Strongbox, and Arcanist’s Strongbox are worth a lot of investment. It is suggested to only using Engineer’s Orb Engineer’s Orb to these strongboxes:

Base Type Loot Contents
Arcanist’s Strongbox Currency that do not affect quality
Cartographer’s Strongbox Maps, The Cartographer
Diviner’s Strongbox Divination cards

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Engineer’s Orb Farming

1. Farm Engineer’s Shards

Engineer’s Shard Engineer’s Shard is a currency item. A stack of 20 shards becomes an Engineer’s Orb Engineer’s Orb. The drop level of Engineer’s Shard Engineer’s Shard is 8 and it can be only found in the maps with Harbingers mods.

2. Slain Legion Armies

Engineer’s Orbs are also a rare drop from Legion armies. Legions are ancient armies frozen in the midst of battle. They can be encountered by touching a Timeless Monolith, which breaks out the Legions and gives the player a window of time to defeat them.

The drop level of Engineer’s Orb Engineer’s Orb is 1 and it has a relatively low drop rate.

3. Exchange currency items for it

The price of an Engineer’s Orb Engineer’s Orb is about 1/2 Chaos Orb Chaos Orb. The easiest way to get it is by exchanging Chaos Orb Chaos Orb for it.

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