Star of Wraeclast Build Guide & Price – PoE Ruby Amulet

Star of Wraeclast Star of Wraeclast is a unique Ruby Amulet. Requires Level 28. Popularity: 0.1%

Star of Wraeclast Build Stats

Name Star of Wraeclast Star of Wraeclast Total stats
  • +(30-45)% to Fire Resistance
  • +(10-15)% to Lightning Resistance
  • +(10-15)% to Cold Resistance
Elemental (30-50)% increased Cold Damage
Skill Grants Level 20 Illusory Warp Skill
  • You cannot be Cursed with Silence
  • 60% increased Area of Effect of Curse Skills

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Illusory Warp

Teleport to a target destination. Chilled ground is spread in an area around both where the caster was and where they teleported to.

Base duration is 1.5 seconds

Illusory Warp

Star of Wraeclast Price

In the PoE currency trade marketplace, the price of Star of Wraeclast Star of Wraeclast Ruby Amulet is 40 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs.

Star of Wraeclast Price

Star of Wraeclast Farming – How to get it?

This item is used by upgrade paths or vendor recipes to create the following items:

Outcome Amount Ingredient General Notes
Star of Wraeclast Star of Wraeclast 1 Ruby Ring Any unique variant.
1 Onyx Amulet Can be of any rarity.
1 Lightning Warp Lightning Warp level 20 corrupted (Vaal Lightning Warp Lightning Warp will not work)


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

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