Sidhebreath Build Guide, Corrupted, Price – PoE Paua Amulet

Sidhebreath Sidhebreath is a unique Paua Amulet. Requires Level 1. Popularity: <0.1%.

Sidhebreath Build Stats

Name Sidhebreath Sidhebreath Total stats
  • Minions have (10-15)% increased maximum Life
  • Minions have (10-15)% increased Movement Speed
  • Minions deal (10-15)% increased Damage
Resistance +25% to Cold Resistance
  • (20-30)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
  • 0.2% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Mana
  • (15-10)% reduced Mana Cost of Minion Skills

Sidhebreath Corrupted Mods

Mod Level Mods
60 You can apply an additional Curse
1 (8–10)% increased Attack Speed
1 (4–5)% Chance to Block
56 Grants Level 21 Clarity Clarity Skill
50 0.5% of Cold Damage Leeched as Life
50 0.5% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life
50 0.5% of Lightning Damage Leeched as Life
80 +1% to all maximum Resistances
1 (8–10)% increased Movement Speed
1 (20–25)% of Block Chance applied to Spells
56 Grants Level 23 Purity of Fire Purity of Fire Skill
56 Grants Level 23 Purity of Ice Purity of Ice Skill
56 Grants Level 23 Purity of Lightning Purity of Lightning Skill
56 Grants Level 21 Purity of Elements Purity of Elements Skill
1 (20–24)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
60 (20–30)% increased Rarity of Items found
84 (3–5)% increased Quantity of Items found
45 Wrath Wrath has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect
45 Anger Anger has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect
45 Hatred Hatred has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect
45 Determination Determination has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect
45 Discipline Discipline has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect
45 Grace Grace has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect
1 (4–6)% increased Intelligence
(4–6)% increased Dexterity
1 (4–6)% increased Dexterity
(4–6)% increased Strength
1 (4–6)% increased Strength
(4–6)% increased Intelligence
1 +(14–16)% to all Elemental Resistances

PoE Sidhebreath Price

In the PoE currency trade marketplace, the price of Sidhebreath Sidhebreath Paua Amulet is a Jeweller’s Orb Jeweller’s Orb.

PoE Sidhebreath Price

Sidhebreath Farming – How to get it?

You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these ways are not guaranteed. The best way to get it is through exchanging PoE currency items.

Divination Card(Not Guaranteed)

Amount Divination Card General Notes
4 Jack in the Box random unique item
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted unique item


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

Paua Amulet Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
Sidhebreath Sidhebreath 1
Atziri’s Foible Atziri’s Foible 16
Zerphi’s Heart Zerphi’s Heart 70
Sacrificial Heart Sacrificial Heart 32

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