6 Methods to get Exalted Orb

1. It can be obtained by killing the map monster. The ascended orb is a domain drop. As long as you are lucky to kill the monster, you will have the chance to get it.

2. It can be obtained through market transactions, and the currency used as the trading place in the market can also be exchanged for currency. If you have useful equipment items in your hands, you can also get high orbs.

3. Obtained by opening the main labyrinth chest. As you pass through the main labyrinth, there will be some rooms with treasure chests. The silver treasure chest requires a silver key to enter, and the copper key can be opened in the room after trial. These treasure chests have the opportunity to open an exalted orb.

4. It can be obtained through the exchange of destiny cards, and some destiny cards such as treasure chests can be directly converted into sublime orbs.

5. It can be obtained by synthesis of exalted orb body fragments. The first killer can get ascending shards, get a chance to get ascending orb shards, and 20x ascending shards can synthesize orb.

6. You can flipping this box to get this exalted orb so that you can see this box everywhere on the map, and you have the opportunity to get this exalted orb.

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