Do not waste your MT on junk cards

Believe it or not, you don’t need every new card to compete. This is where many people lose control and start spending too much money because they think they need the latest Galaxy opal to win.

This is a myth. Usually, pink diamonds, diamonds and even Amethyst driven lineups can beat opponents with higher scores. In some cases, there is little difference in ratings, but different color cards can make people Madden .

Have a deep understanding of the game style you like, the players with the most jump shots, and other features that suit you. The Amethyst with the action of jumping on the nail is better than the pink diamond player, which has some fashionable release.

Don’t run after myteam Jones. You may already be better than them.

Wait patiently for the top card

Anyone willing to invest a lot of real money in NBA 2K22 myteam doesn’t have to worry about this, but my advice is mainly for those gamers who want to avoid buying VC at first. There are many temptations to add excellent new cards to your lineup every time they are released. It’s very similar to the special effect of lardacca, which is due to the design. 2K would like you to want these cards and get them as much as possible, including buying VC to tear open the packs . As Jim Sterling points out in many of his videos, this is the same technology used in free value-added mobile games: taking advantage of people’s lack of impulse control and patience to attract their consumption.

What’s the solution? Be patient. It is. At some point, all these great cards will be at the auction house. In the end, once the quantity is too large, their price will drop. Unlike the ultimate team in NBA Live 19, NBA 2K22 myteam doesn’t show a real chance of winning the best cards, but in my experience, they’re not very good. There is also evidence that there is an appropriate algorithm to encourage spending by packing odds; what may fascinate you is the “first free” case, only it is not actually free. If you have patience, you can spend a lot of money without spending a penny, or even hard work for VC.

NBA 2K22 myteam has more skills to discuss. At this point, I give you the dialogue. Welcome to the comments section below and the nlsc forum to share tips on making the most of this model! That’s all for this week, so thank you for checking in and have a good weekend. Please join me in five more next Friday.

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Triple threat to evolution card

Evolution card is an important supplement to NBA 2K22 myteam. I like that they increase their motivation to play cards and perform certain tasks. Many of them are earned by completing challenges or as collector level rewards, so you don’t even have to pack and pack. Of course, to achieve the 5v5 difficulty, it may be difficult to achieve statistical goals to develop playing cards. Therefore, I recommend using triple thread to achieve the goals on the evolution card. There are only three players on the field, which makes it easier to accumulate points and rebounds. For players with such requirements, it is easier to dunk, and usually only focus on a few evolution cards at a time. The game is much faster.

So far, I’ve found it to be a very effective strategy, although I should note that this is not the best choice for all evolution cards. Any particularly demanding card may be best used in a longer game duration dominion, or in fact, in every mode used in NBA 2K22 myteam. In addition, the cards requiring free throws (such as the resolution card of deandre jordan new year) cannot meet the requirements in triple thread. Needless to say, using evolution cards anywhere and everywhere can effectively upgrade them, but I find triple thread very convenient, especially at the emerald, sapphire and Ruby levels.

Achievement search or PVP?

The first thing you need to do is determine what you want from myteam. Are you interested in completing all achievements and grabbing all cards as part of the perfectionist? Or do you want to give up PVP mode and see your user name on the leaderboard?

Knowing what you want to pursue will define the cards you keep and how to use money more effectively. Generally speaking, achievement search is long-term and leisurely, while PVP is quick harvest and honing.

Build Around Strengths

Once you’ve identified your long-term goals, you need to identify your strengths and build a team around them. If you are good at attacking, build an attacking team. If you find your three-point goal is better, invite players who are good in the range.

You’ll see a lot of players announcing who is the best card and the best strategy to use on the court, but it’s not good for you to have the best three-point shooter if you can better lay up and score. Find the best way for you and build around it.

Keep some, sell some

After completing the above operations, you will find that you have purchased more and more cards and found many duplicate cards. Most of them are players you don’t intend to use. You can quickly uninstall some 2K21 MT in the auction house, but sometimes you will get your favorite copy.

The best thing you can do is hang on some copies. When your contract begins to expire, you need to rebuild the team and have copies of good players to make sure you have a strong team in reserve. If you already have some backups, pay close attention to when the auction house price rises to your favorites and get the best return for those demand cards that are hard to get.

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