Budget Your NBA 2K22 MT

Myteam is an incredibly interesting game concept in NBA 2K22, which can attract various fans. In myteam, you can build your own active and former NBA player teams to compete in a variety of game modes. To do this, you have to collect cards for more cards until you finally have an all star team to rule the court.

Whether you are playing this game for the first time, or have been playing it for some time, and need a little advantage, you can use some strategies and overall skills. Whether it’s implementing a long-term strategy, carefully designing a budget for precious currencies or dealing with duplicate currencies, that’s what you should know.

It’s easy to farm NBA 2K22 MT, and it’s likely to start spending it on every little thing that gets your attention, but don’t do it. You can get more out of MT by budgeting your own budget, rather than going Madden with just a little account.

That said, don’t worry. It’s quite easy to recover MT after playing for a few hours, so if you make a mistake when you buy a card, it’s not the end of the world. Just determine what you’re using it for and you’ll earn back MT, and you’ll rarely find yourself short of money.

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Determine your path

There are two basic ways to play myteam. You are playing a perfectionist or assassin. The finishers obviously want to have a good lineup, but they don’t sell cards (unless there are duplicate cards), and they want to complete all the collections in the pattern.

There will be valuable awards for reaching different milestones, the highest of which is Galaxy opal Anthony Davis. If you collect a total of 2900 cards, you can get this elite level of unibrow. It’s a long and arduous journey, but as I said, you’ll get some good rewards in the process.

If the assassins believe that they can get three very good cards from the MT loot from the auction, they will sell their best cards. For assassins, it’s all about putting the best player on the court in myteam unlimited.

Playing in this way will sacrifice some of the rewards of building a large lineup, but it all depends on what you want from myteam. Determine which myteam journey you want to continue and let it shape your approach.

Set VC budget parameters

VC will not be a major part of your plan when you are not willing to spend real money in this mode. However, you can still make money and consume VC in myteam, which is earned by playing other modes.

Mycareer, online game now, mygm, mylegue and other modes can reward players with VC. In addition to mycareer, some players are against using any VC in any mode. In the past few years, this approach has some truth, but for NBA 2K22, this approach is not so wise.

After upgrading myplayer to 95, the improvement of its overall score mainly depends on the quality of your game. As a result, it reduces the burden of VC and is free to choose to use it in myteam.

If you are willing to use some hard won VC in myteam, please determine how much you are willing to use in this mode and how much you save for mycareer. Maybe you want to split 50-50 or even 70-30?

Since VC will not be the main currency of the myteam plan, I suggest that you allocate 70-30 or even 75-25 to VC. I will explain the next level shortly.

Set budget parameters for MT

You can only get and buy mt 2K21 in myteam, and there are many ways to get MT this year. You can get it by doing almost everything in the pattern. Don’t spend money immediately, just like VC components, you need to decide how to distribute the spoils.

How much money will be spent on chasing big names in the auction area and how much will you spend on opening packs ?

pack and open and auction houses are good ways to add team members. Unfortunately, you can’t buy large boxes with MT (that’s why it’s still good to use some VC in my team boxes).

You can buy a single pack even though your MT can’t. Still, it gives you the opportunity to have the best cards in each set. I like to use a 50-50 ratio between auction and packs . It enables me to structure my quest for greatness.

Set MT and VC pay day

This is an important part of the plan. It is not wise to spend MT and VC every day or whenever you reach a certain amount. In most cases, this approach will never allow you to get the most out of your card or accurately assess when an upgrade is needed.

If you play myteam every day (where possible, with some cool daily login rewards and wheel spin), you’ll get a lot of Mt. Use the VC you get from other modes to group, and the supply of game resources is unlimited. Discipline Discipline itself uses the percentages we talked about earlier, and only takes one day a week.

If Friday is your MT and VC payday, it’s the day you should go to the auction house and buy the packs . For example, if you accumulate 80000 MT and 45000 VC this week, you will take 40000 MT to the auction house, and the other half will buy cigarette boxes.

If you have 45000 VC, you can pour 33000 VC into myplayer, but the other part can be used for packs . If you want to know, it’s OK to spend some tokens every day, especially if you’re a perfectionist. These cards will only be added to your collection. There is no real benefit in saving a token unless you are not interested in getting the next available reward.

Real budget your venture capital

MT is quite easy to obtain, but VC is not so easy. It’s true that this is an infinite resource, because you’ll never get it all the way, but getting a lot of resources will definitely take time. Therefore, you should spend it very carefully.

If you don’t mind using real dollars to buy VC, then this entry will make a difference. You still need to budget yourself, because if you are careful how much and how much time you spend, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on this game. Again, the rule of thumb is to spend it only if it is expected to earn back the money it has invested.

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