Create an ALT MUT 21 Coins Farming Account

How to create a second account

First, no, you don’t need a second PS + or Xbox Live account to have a farm account. Your system will allow you to create up to five accounts based on a paid annual subscription.

Each account needs to have a new email address. I use Gmail and 1mutxxxx @ Gmail, 2mutxxxx @ Gmail, etc. I use the same password for all passwords, so I won’t forget it. This new email will be used when you create a new account.

If you don’t know what to do, you need to create a new user account (using the email you just created) and follow the links and all the settings below.

Now that you have set up a second account, you can open Madden and start playing the sequence. It’s boring, but you have to go through it.

When you enter and open the MUT, it will ask you to select a team. I recommend brown or bill. You get the script for the team, and these PB’s are expensive on AH , so you only need to pick these teams and sell PB to get 4K mut coins. When you enter mut, you will only have 8 open solos available. You will need to beat those people to unlock all other solos.

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Create a mutrewards account for your new farm account. Go to mutrewards. Mutrewards will come in handy during the promotion when they offer everyone the packs for the new promotion. People took some Madden cards out of these free gift bags. Mut coins for sale at VHPG. I don’t have anything, but it’s a free coin that can be created in a little time.

Why create a farm account

The biggest reason people create farm accounts is the second, third, fourth or fifth challenge of more coins and packs solo challenges. If you have a mutrewards account, you will also receive them when EA drops them. During promos, they also distribute free gift packs to everyone who signs in, so if you have 2 accounts, you’ll get an x-fold bonus that can be sold or traded into your main account (later)

When using a farm account

Playing H2H on a farm account doesn’t make sense because competitive badges can’t be traded. I won’t play H2H on the farm unless you’re playing Tuesday night draft or other promotions that can only be completed once per account. It’s very rare, I guess it’s rarely used on farm accounts.

Gloves are a good example of a farm solo. It has paid off handsomely in terms of coins and packs , as well as the elite who can be auctioned.

I personally use the farm only for promotions and gloves. During color rush and most feed, you face the challenge of solo and a lot of items are sold. This may be the same format for future promotions. My 65 most feared natural freaks made $700000 in four farm accounts.


Another popular question about farm accounts is how to transfer players and coins from your farm account to your main account.

First, I don’t recommend listing items that are really expensive in your master account and then buying them on your farm. It looks like a coin sale, and one or two of your accounts are banned.

There are two ways to move value from farm to main farm: “buy sell” and “scrap trade”

Buying and selling: in this way, you can sell all the items you take out of the box, personal rewards, etc., and use these coins to buy the players or collections you want to use for the main team. Buying a legend collection on a farm account and trading it to your master account is a good way to transfer value between the farm and the master account. This is my main method. I usually save money in my farm account until I can buy the player I want, then buy and trade it to my key players.

Trade for Crap: it’s a two-step process that I use to complete the trade and move players from my farm to the main farm.

Step 1: add your farm account and master account together as friends so that you can only sort transaction blocks by friends

Step 2: on your main account, list a trading item for CR feet (I suggest you provide some unique items for easy search). Please note that I have listed the project on my host instead of the project I want to transfer. If you list a great player on the auction block, it may get multiple (mostly crap) offers when you switch accounts to complete a transaction. This increases the possibility of inadvertent trading to others.

Step 3: switch to your farm account and use the friends only filter in the trading area, which will make it easier to find listed items. Provide your unique trading of Cr foot items. It is very important that you look for all items in this search to check for duplicates to ensure that you do not trade your players to others by mistake, which is not a problem if you have not played with a friend. If you are trading more than one item, please switch back to your master account and add a more unique item.

Step 4: log back in to your master account and accept the transaction. Done

You can trade up to 10 open positions at a time, so you can trade 10 items over and over to your main currency and sell them, but it does take a while to load the game, so I mainly use the “buy and sell” method.

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