Play everything in NBA 2K23 for more MT coins

I strongly recommend that you play all games at least in myteam mode. This mode does not provide you with as many cards as the dominion. Triple thread is ideal for quick action, with solid rewards and the opportunity to score high in the vault.

Triple thread online can provide you with fast online actions and rewards for dropping the ball , while myteam unlimited is the ultimate face-to-face experience of myteam, with a potential of more than 1000 MT per game.

All models offer you the opportunity to develop an evolution card. It is worth to get more chance to earn or buy NBA 2K23 MT.

Do everything

If you challenge every day, you will do it naturally, but it’s important for you to play a little bit. There are some game modes that you will be good at, and you should run in for everything they are worth, but don’t limit yourself to tunnel mode, you will forget to try other methods.

Each game mode aims to reward you in different ways. If you are addicted to “triple threat offline”, you will find yourself swimming in MT but lack VC. Take some time, take some time to do something.

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Play every day (if possible)

To earn more venture capital and MT, you need to play once a day. There are challenges every day, and you can complete them for a decent reward. If you play for seven days in a row, you will have the opportunity to rotate the steering wheel, which is the real reward.

Of course, you don’t play VC and NBA 2K23 coins every day. But that adds up to the fact that you can make smart purchases at least once a week.

Master your Playbook

Let’s start with the most important thing: playfulness. NBA 2K23’s AI has significantly improved in opposition decision-making and the ability of your own team to work around you. Whether you want to take the time or just want to take the lead as soon as possible, it is crucial to use playbook, which can make teammates follow your orders in defense and attack.

You can mix with the various matches of each team in the menu, and then press L1 / lb to play on the court. Players pay special attention to personal positioning this year, so please don’t be afraid to use playbook to let AI play important offensive or defensive games.

Stick to a man while defending

When you play in NBA 2K23, a familiar habit will be transformed into the teammate closest to the opponent who deals with the ball , but the improved AI function enables you to trust your team and focus on the player you want to play. Use L2 / LT to keep him close and force him to stay in the corner of the half, or draw him out of position – often disrupting the opponent’s approach in the process.

When facing the ball controller, L2 / LT applies pressure. If they are outside of D, please don’t get too close, otherwise if there is a screen playing, they will drive by you. Some players don’t need that much attention, but if you’re facing Kyrie Irving, pay special attention to the arrow below. Moving towards his incline prevents him from falling to the basket, usually forcing the pass.

Using Evolution cards

One of the best additions to myteam is the evolution card. At the beginning of my team, you can choose five evolution cards: Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Dirk Nowitzki, Derrick Rose and Hakeem olazuwon. By completing certain challenges, you can develop the card of your choice and improve its overall rating and badge.

Before submitting an evolution card, consider using the general on-site approach, as there is no choice. If you need a leader around the basket, Olajuwon’s ability to dunk will be invaluable, and Vince Carter’s leadership and experience will benefit new players.

Keep those diamond contracts

There are two schools of thought on this point. If you want to trade at an auction house, diamond contracts – which can use any player card they use indefinitely – can get a lot of Mt. It’s not too expensive to buy contracts for players, so it’s easier to keep your favorite players in the squad. With this in mind, you may want to sell them rather than keep them, or at least keep them so you can flip them later. However, if you do want to actually use diamond contracts on players so that they will never run out of games, I strongly recommend that you take care of the players who use them.

I don’t mean to just suggest that diamond contracts not be wasted on bronze cards that are unlikely to rotate for a long time; that goes without saying. I’m talking about waiting for you to apply the expensive consumables to the best card. The new card will be released all year round, and if you are a fan of myteam, you are likely to get a better version of the player you already have in some way. A good rule of thumb might be to avoid applying diamond contracts to any card below the diamond level, or to avoid upgrading to a diamond level or higher evolution card. They are rare and expensive, so don’t waste them.

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