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Breaches are timed monster-spawning portals. Breachstones can be put into a map device in order to enter the associated domain of a Breaches.

1. Breach Zana Mods

Name Zana’s league modifiers Cost
Breach Area contains an additional Breach. 2x Chaos Orb Chaos Orb

Complete A Breach

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2. Breach Map Fragment

Scarabs are a type of map fragment. They do not open portals to new areas, but are instead used to augment existing areas with various effects.

Item Stats Syndicate member
Rusted Breach Scarab Rusted Breach Scarab Area can contain Breaches
Area contains an additional Breach
It That Fled
Polished Breach Scarab Polished Breach Scarab Area can contain Breaches
Area contains 2 additional Breaches
It That Fled
Gilded Breach Scarab Gilded Breach Scarab Area can contain Breaches
Area contains 3 additional Breaches
It That Fled
Winged Breach Scarab Winged Breach Scarab Area can contain Breaches
Area contains 5 additional Breaches
It That Fled

3. Atlas Passive Tree: Breach

Atlas Region Name Stats Category
Lex Proxima Breach Chance
Areas have +3% chance to contain Breaches
Lex Proxima Gatekeepers
Breach Bosses Defeated in Areas have 5% chance to drop a Breachstone
Breach Bosses in Areas drop double Breach Splinters
Breaches in Areas have 100% increased chance to contain a Boss
Lex Proxima Invading Force
Breach Monsters in Areas grant 50% increased Experience
Breaches in Areas have 30% increased Area of Effect
Breaches in Areas have 30% increased Monster density
Lex Proxima Within Their Grasp
Breachstones dropped by Breach Bosses in Areas have 1% chance to be Pure
Breachstones dropped by Breach Bosses in Areas have 3% chance to be Enriched
Breachstones dropped by Breach Bosses in Areas have 9% chance to be Charged
Breach Bosses Defeated in Areas have 5% chance to drop a Breachstone
Lira Arthain Magic Breach Monster Chance
Breaches in Areas spawn 30% increased Magic Monsters
Lira Arthain Probing for Weaknesses
Areas have +10% chance to contain Breaches Notable
Lira Arthain Flash Breach
Breaches in Areas open and close 50% faster
Breaches in Areas spawn 10 additional Rare Monsters

List of Breachstones

Name Price
Chaos Orb Chaos Orb
Level Boss Area Damage Type
Xoph’s Breachstone Xoph’s Breachstone 1 70 Xoph, Dark Embers Xoph’s Domain Fire
Xoph’s Charged Breachstone Xoph’s Charged Breachstone 2 74
Xoph’s Enriched Breachstone Xoph’s Enriched Breachstone 8 79
Xoph’s Pure Breachstone Xoph’s Pure Breachstone 30 81
Tul’s Breachstone Tul’s Breachstone 3 70 Tul, Creeping Avalanche Tul’s Domain  Cold
Tul’s Charged Breachstone Tul’s Charged Breachstone 3 74
Tul’s Enriched Breachstone Tul’s Enriched Breachstone 9 79
Tul’s Pure Breachstone Tul’s Pure Breachstone 30 81
Esh’s Breachstone Esh’s Breachstone 1 70 Esh, Forked Thought Esh’s Domain Lightning
Esh’s Charged Breachstone Esh’s Charged Breachstone 2 74
Esh’s Enriched Breachstone Esh’s Enriched Breachstone 8 79
Esh’s Pure Breachstone Esh’s Pure Breachstone 29 81
Uul-Netol’s Breachstone Uul-Netol’s Breachstone 12 75 Uul-Netol, Unburdened Flesh Uul-Netol’s Domain Physical
Uul-Netol’s Charged Breachstone Uul-Netol’s Charged Breachstone 17 78
Uul-Netol’s Enriched Breachstone Uul-Netol’s Enriched Breachstone 29 81
Uul-Netol’s Pure Breachstone Uul-Netol’s Pure Breachstone 70 82
Chayula’s Breachstone Chayula’s Breachstone 48 80 Chayula, Who Dreamt  Chayula’s Domain Chaos
Chayula’s Charged Breachstone Chayula’s Charged Breachstone 29 81
Chayula’s Enriched Breachstone Chayula’s Enriched Breachstone 46 82
Chayula’s Pure Breachstone Chayula’s Pure Breachstone 100 83

Breachstones PoE

Complete Breach Domains Strategy

Since the breaches can spawn a very large number of monsters that hit hard is advisable to be cautious when opening breaches; death can come quickly and without warning.

Characters that have high survivability, high mobility, high damage output as well as good area clearing ability are best at effectively clearing breaches.

Strategies (not all may be suitable for your build):

  • Avoid opening breaches near dangerous fights – i.e. clear the area first before opening; fighting a breach and a map boss at the same time, for example, can pose a very large risk of character death
  • When in a party coordinate the opening
  • Consider creating a portal near the breach for emergency escape and/or quick return in the case of death
  • Watch out for the type of breach you are facing; some breaches might pose a larger risk to some characters than others.
  • Try to stay in a corner or room instead of the middle of the breach to avoid having all monsters instantly attack you. Clear monsters carefully area by area
  • Be careful when leaving the breach area; while the monsters disappear outside of the circle, it is still possible for them to hit you for a short period of time
  • If you are faced with breach that you can’t handle, consider leaving the area for a while until it times out
  • Simply not opening a breach can also be a good option; use movement skills like Lightning Warp Lightning Warp or Leap Slam Leap Slam to bypass the opening area

Complete Breach Domains

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