Lori’s Lantern PoE Price & Build, Unlucky – Prismatic Ring

Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern is a unique Prismatic Ring. Requires Level 30. Popularity: 0.1%.

Lori’s Lantern Build Stats

Name Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern Total stats
  • +(18-20)% to Fire Resistance
  • +(18-20)% to Lightning Resistance
  • +(18-20)% to Cold Resistance
Light Radius 31% increased Light Radius
Low Life
  • (6-8)% increased Movement Speed when on Low Life
  • +(20-25)% to Chaos Resistance when on Low Life
  • Damage from Enemies Hitting you is Unlucky while you are on Low Life

Lori’s Lantern Unlucky

While a character equipped with Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern is on low life, enemies are unlucky when damaging the character. This only influences damage rolls; it has no effect on an enemy’s chance to hit or land a critical strike on the character.


Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern provides a bright, white glow cosmetic effect on the hand of the character. The left ring slot corresponds to the right hand of the character, and vice versa. Equipping a Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern in each slot will apply a glow effect on each hand. The glow effect can be applied to a different ring using a skin transfer. There is a graphical glitch that causes the glow effect to be misplaced when the character has a bow equipped. The left ring slot causes the tip of the arrow to shine, and the right slot causes the shaft of the arrow to shine.

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Lori’s Lantern Price

The following is the price of Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern Prismatic Ring. You can obtain it by exchanging 1x Cartographer’s Chisel. Cartographer’s Chisel is a Path of Exile currency item that improves up to 20% quality of a map. Quality of map can increase the chance of farming more Poe currency.

Lori's Lantern Price

Lori’s Lantern Farming – How to get it?

1. Prismatic Ring Divination Card – Hope

Hope is a divination card. A set of five can be exchanged for a corrupted unique Prismatic Ring:

Outcome Amount Ingredient General Notes
Lori’s Lantern Lori’s Lantern 5 Hope random corrupted Prismatic Ring
Thief’s Torment Thief’s Torment 5 Hope random corrupted Prismatic Ring
The Taming The Taming 5 Hope random corrupted Prismatic Ring
Precursor’s Emblem Precursor’s Emblem 5 Hope random corrupted Prismatic Ring

This item can be acquired in the following areas:

  • Beach(Map)
  • Dungeon(Map)
  • Graveyard(Map)
  • Lookout(Map)

2. Other Divination Card – Not Guaranteed

You can obtain it by killing monsters, farming divination cards. However, these ways are not guaranteed. The best way to get it is through exchanging PoE currency items.

Amount Ingredient General Notes
5 Hubris random Ring
7 Blind Blind Venture random corrupted Ring
4 Jack in the Box random item
8 Arrogance of the Vaal random corrupted item


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Rings

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