FFXIV Gil Reddit: Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil

Best Place to Buy FFXIV Gil

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What kind of payment do you accept?

A: we accept PayPal through PayPal’s credit card, secure credit card, coins Bookers, Western Union and PaySafeCard.

What is the delivery time of the order?

A: if we have enough gold stock, it usually takes 10 to 30 minutes to complete the transaction. If we need to replenish for you, it will take 12 to 24 hours. The time required to receive an order depends on the payment method, the gold amount of the order, and the delivery conditions of the server in the game.

How to track order status?

A: after submitting the order, you will get an order number. You can use the order number to track the order process through real-time support on our website. Our customer service representatives are ready to help our valued global customers with real-time support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I ordered the wrong server or character name. What should I do?

A: please send us an email with your registered email address of PayPal, or contact our real-time support representative to provide your order number, correct server name and role name. We will deliver gold according to your new instructions.

Best ways to earn FFXIV Gil from Reddit

There are several ways to make Gil in FFXIV: quest, crafting, farm and trade markets.

Final Fantasy XIV — How to level up fast

Questing — this will give you more skills and story along the way. Just the main scene task will bring you a lot of coins , but it will consume most of your time in the game until the end of the game. Unless you can perform one of the actions listed later, this will be the main source of Gil. The number of subtasks and subtasks is small, but it does bring you some benefits.

Crafting — serious Gil maker’s bread and butter. Those who spend their time and energy investing in crafts are the richest people in the whole aorzea. I won’t lie to you, they have paid a lot of time, energy and energy for it. Please trust me when I say this will be a bonus later in the game. Headquarters items and equipment are excellent early game equipment. If you really want to make Gil in FFXIV, you need a craftsman.

Farming — where do you think crafters get their materials? Probably planted by myself. But those who don’t have the time or patience to do it will buy everything on the market board or from their football club. Don’t get me wrong, this is probably one of the easiest ways to make Gil. It just takes time.

Playing the market board — determine that the quote is best for this quote. “You have to spend coins to make coins .”. The premise is that you have to find items for sale with a minimum number of gils. Buy the item and sell it at a higher price. If someone cuts the second highest price, they either click incorrectly or don’t check the prices of all products before putting them on the market. Either way, your earnings. A little warning. If the execution is wrong, the economy of the server may be seriously damaged. To be sure, if many people are using this method wrongly.

Bonus — note what materials are required in the next major patch / extension. These will be the most demanding items and will make you the richest.

FFXIV The Gathering & Crafting system for Gil

Once again, the collection and production system of FFXIV is very unique, but there are some similarities with the way classes work. After reaching level 10, you can go to nearby cities and unlock each production / party class. You can use this class again and equip it with specific tools, just like your combat class. You can not only learn many collection and production courses, but they all share different experiences.

The manufacturing process itself is not just “click to make with x component.”. You can play a mini game and have the ability to create an item — the goal is to successfully make the item and turn it as much as possible into a high quality item without damaging it, resulting in material loss. As we mentioned above, high-quality items reward double the experience, but they also perform better than regular items.

Each production class has its own setting ability: they perform functions such as increasing the durability of the project, improving the success rate and quality of the action; some provide higher quality, but the chance of success is reduced. Keep in mind that some of these operations reduce the durability of the project, and almost all of them consume resources called CP. Just like combat classes, once unlocked, you can learn some skills from other production classes.

All in all, it’s a compromise between managing CP, project durability, and process progress.

The parties are very similar. Three products are available: miners extract minerals from rocks, botanists harvest wood and plants, and Fisher naturally involves fish. You will use your ability to find and discover hidden nodes to harvest everything you collect. Just as CP is a resource for crafters, GP will also be a resource for parties, which will be used to increase the chances of harvesting high-quality materials. The collection class also has some cool abilities, such as the ability of miners / botanists to hide past enemies to reach dangerous high-risk nodes.

Reddit Advice: some tips for starting FFXIV

Try to stay focused.

There are many things to do in 14, which are easy to be ignored.

If you stick to the main task as soon as possible, you will get a personal Chocobo, which is much easier than running around or moving and spending Gil’s travel.

This is not to say that marginal tasks are not very useful, many of them. . I’m close to level 50 now, and I’m about to finish 40 story tasks.

In addition, please try to join the free company as soon as possible. They usually provide extra XP gain and other things to help you upgrade your level, so you won’t easily bear too much pressure. If you don’t like the one you first used, you can always find another one later.

Finally, don’t lose heart. If you find yourself having difficulty performing a task, continue to try other strategies. In the Party of light, pay attention to what other participants are saying and they can provide you with some insights on how to make your challenges easier.

You will continue to learn at the same time! Have a good stay in Eorzea!

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