Chayula’s Flawless Breachstone

Activating Chayula’s Flawless Breachstone in a map device will open six portals to Chayula’s Domain.

  • Rare monsters drop 2 additional reward types
  • Area has 4 additional random modifiers
  • Monster level: 84
  • 200% increased experience gain
  • 250% more monster life
  • 60% increased rarity of items found in this area
  • 60% increased pack size

Travel to Chayula’s domain by using this item in a personal map device. Cna only be used once.

In Scourge expansion, you may find Flawless Breachstones in the late endgame.

Chayula's Flawless Breachstone PoE

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Breachstones are items obtained by combining 100 Splinters (This process is irreversible). Like maps, they can be placed in the map device. A Breachstone will generate six portals to its corresponding Breachlord’s domain, a high-level area where the Breachlord can be fought.

Chayula's Flawless Breachstone Example PoE

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