Open Chests at the end of the Endgame Labyrinth 500

PoE Heist 3.12 challenge: Open Chests at the end of the Endgame Labyrinth 500.

Averagely, there are 5.5 chests in an Endgame Labyrinth. To complete this challenge, you may need to run about 91 Labyrinth. It may take you over 15 hours.

One Treasure Key is required to open each chest. Keys are found throughout the Labyrinth and from Izaro himself. During the first two Izaro encounters, players may choose to focus on Izaro without disabling his extra buff/damage mechanics. If not disabled these mechanics then carry over to the next phase of the fight making it more dangerous, but also more rewarding. Izaro will drop an additional key for each mechanic in place at the end of the fight. Additional Treasure Keys can be obtained by killing Argus or opening Curious Lockboxes.

List of Endgame Labyrinth

Labyrinth Name Area Level Cost Traps
Trial of Piercing Truth 75 1x Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess  contains spike traps
Trial of Swirling Fear 75 1x Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess  contains spinning blades
Trial of Crippling Grief 75 1x Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess  contains sawblades
Trial of Burning Rage 75 1x Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess  contains furnace traps
Trial of Lingering Pain 75 1x Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess  contains blade sentries
Trial of Stinging Doubt 75 1x Offering to the Goddess Offering to the Goddess  contains dart traps
Eternal Labyrinth of Potential 83 1x Dedication to the Goddess Dedication to the Goddess  
Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune 83 1x Tribute to the Goddess Tribute to the Goddess  
Eternal Labyrinth of Opportunity 83 1x Gift to the Goddess Gift to the Goddess  

Endgame Labyrinth Prophecy: The Dream Trial

The Dream Trial The Dream Trial is a sealed prophecy. You will discover an Endgame Labyrinth in a map.

  • Objective: Enter a random map.
  • Rewards: The location will contain an Endgame Labyrinth.


Name Location Notes
Silver Chest Contains a Silver Key
Golden Chest Contains a Golden Key
Curious Lockbox Contains a Treasure Key, assorted items (higher rarity)
Izaro’s Treasure The end of the labyrinth Can be opened with a Treasure Key
Decorative Chest Forgotten Reliquary Contains a Trinket Trinket
Emperor’s Charts Silver Cache Maps, only tier 1 and shaped tier 1
Emperor’s Gifts Silver Cache Assorted items, higher rarity and quantity
Emperor’s Trove Jewelry, jewels and currency
Emperor’s Treasury Silver Cache Jewelry, jewels and currency
Emperor’s Vault Silver Cache Jewelry, jewels and currency
Guard Vault Behind the locked door with puzzle Assorted items (probably higher rarity and quantity)
Guard Treasury Assorted items with some currency
Hidden Chest
Hidden Coffer Assorted items
Labyrinth Trove Same as Izaro’s Treasure
Supply Cache Assorted items
Battle Supplies Assorted items
Ascendant’s Treasure Assorted items
War Spoils Silver Cache Assorted items (probably higher quantity)
Warmonger’s Cache Silver cache Weapons and currency

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The Labyrinth is a series of connected areas. There are pedestals at each door of an area that display the map of the areas already seen as well as the room on the other side of the doors. The path covered by the door is highlighted.

List of pedestal indicators

Name Sign Notes
  • This area doesn’t have any special rooms or features.
Aspirant’s Trial
  • This room is where you fight Izaro.
  • It consists of two parts: the ‘buffer’ zone with a stash, and the arena.
  • After entering the arena, backtracking to the room containing the stash is impossible until Izaro flees or is defeated.
Forgotten Reliquary
  • Area contains one decorative chest with a trinket inside the chest.
  • Trinkets Trinkets are intended to make the next encounter with Izaro easier by nullifying or instantly killing or removing one (of three) mechanic mobs/spawns of that fight.
  • Can only spawn before the 1st or the 2nd battle with Izaro.
  • The room before first Izaro fight in every non-Eternal lab is a reliquary.
  • In the first and Cruel labs labs, the room before the second Izaro fight is a reliquary
Gold Door
  • Area contains a gold door, which has to be opened in order to proceed to the next area.
  • A Golden Key is required to open this door.
  • There are sometimes two golden doors next to each other, that is basically a crossroad, but only one can be opened since there is only one golden key.
  • In non-Eternal Labs, the golden key is in the same room.
Golden Key
  • Area contains one Golden Key needed to open a gold door.
  • Only shows up in Eternal labs.
  • These rooms are always attached to the areas with a gold door but can also be reached through a secret passage.
  • They usually have only one entrance.
Silver Cache
  • This area contains a locked room with one of special chests or a Mysterious Darkshrine that grants a random effect.
  • A Silver Key is required to open this door. During the first and Cruel labs, these are in the same room as the Cache.
Silver Key
  • Area contains a Silver Key.
  • Only show up in Merciless and Eternal labs.

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