PoE Breach Currency: Splinters and Blessings

List of Breach Splinters

Breach Splinters are dropped by Breach monsters or Breach chests within a Breach. 100 of the same splinters will upgrade to the corresponding Breachstone.

Item Drop
Help Text
Splinter of Chayula Splinter of Chayula 1 100 5000 Combine 100 splinters to create Chayula’s Breachstone Chayula’s Breachstone.
Splinter of Esh Splinter of Esh 1 100 5000 Combine 100 Splinters to create Esh’s Breachstone Esh’s Breachstone.
Splinter of Tul Splinter of Tul 1 100 5000 Combine 100 Splinters to create Tul’s Breachstone Tul’s Breachstone.
Splinter of Uul-Netol Splinter of Uul-Netol 1 100 5000 Combine 100 Splinters to create Uul-Netol’s Breachstone Uul-Netol’s Breachstone.
Splinter of Xoph Splinter of Xoph 1 100 5000 Combine 100 Splinters to create Xoph’s Breachstone Xoph’s Breachstone.

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The Breach league and Hardcore Breach league were past challenge leagues. The leagues started on 2016-12-02 along with the release of version 2.5.0, and ended on 2017-02-27. There were 40 optional challenges, and players were rewarded with Breach-themed microtransactions after finishing 12, 24, and 36 challenges.

In this league, there were breaches that appeared in zones. Approaching a breach opened a parallel realm containing otherworldly monsters. The breach continued to expand as more breach monsters were killed until it eventually collapsed. Splinters dropped from enemies within the breach, which can be combined into a Breachstone to challenge the Breachlord in their realm.

All characters and stashes were moved to Standard league and Hardcore league respectively when the leagues end. Characters that died in the Hardcore Breach league were immediately moved to the permanent Standard league.

These Breach currency items were exclusive to the Breach leagues.


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