PoE Karui Ward Winter Orb Build & Price – Molten Strike

Karui Ward is a unique amulet. The base type is Jade Amulet. Jade Amulet has 6 unique versions: Karui Ward, Rashkaldor’s Patience, Karui Charge, The Halcyon, The Pandemonius, and Hyrri’s Truth. The required level is 5.
It adds up to 30 dexterity and Strength. It adds 100 accuracy rating. It increases by 30% Projectile Speed, Movement Speed, and Projectile Damage.
The flavor text is “Shoot first, ask no questions.”

Karui Ward

PoE Karui Ward Price

PoE Karui Ward Price

The price of Karui Ward Jade Amulet is 1 Chaos Orb. Currently, 1 Exalted Orb can exchange for 165 Chaos Orbs.

Karui Ward Prophecy

The Ward’s Ward is a prophecy.
Objective: Kill a rare Bearded Shaman in one of the following locations: Act 1 – Prisoner’s Gate or Act 2 – The Crossroads.
Rewards: Bearded Shaman will drop Karui Ward upon slaying.

Upgrades to Karui Charge

The Karui Rebellion is a sealed prophecy.
Objective: Kill the Gemling Legionnaires in The Grain Gate while holding a Karui Ward; Holding means equipping the amulet or having the item in the inventory of the player character.
Rewards: Upgrades Karui Ward to Karui Charge upon completion.

PoE Karui Ward Build Guide

0.2% Players have used Karui Ward.

Winter Orb Build

Winter Orb Supports Popularity
Greater Multiple Projectiles 100.00%
Infused Channelling 75.00%
Concentrated Effect 63.00%
Controlled Destruction 63.00%
Hypothermia 50.00%
Cold to Fire 31.00%
Faster Casting 25.00%
Cold Penetration 25.00%
Increased Duration 19.00%
Added Cold Damage 19.00%
Efficacy 6.00%
Ice Bite 6.00%

Karui Ward Winter Orb Build

Molten Strike Build

Molten Strike Supports Gems: Concentrated Effect, Multistrike, Added Cold Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks.

Main Skills

item Percent
Winter Orb 31.00%
Tornado Shot 10.00%
Freezing Pulse 8.00%
Glacial Cascade 8.00%
Ethereal Knives 6.00%
Toxic Rain 4.00%
Vaal Fireball 4.00%
Fireball 4.00%
Essence Drain 4.00%
Barrage 4.00%
Soulrend 2.00%
Kinetic Blast 2.00%


item Percent
Bow 24.00%
Dual Wands 20.00%
Wand / Shield 12.00%
Mace / Shield 12.00%
Dagger / Shield 8.00%
Dual Claws 6.00%
Dagger / Mace 4.00%
Dual Maces 4.00%
Sword / Shield 2.00%
Staff 2.00%
Dual Swords 2.00%
Dual Axes 2.00%

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