PoE Trade Macro HotKeys

PoE Trade Macro is a currency & items price checking script. However, if you want to get an accurate price, PoE Trade is the best that offers the latest PoE currency and items price. You can get the price of lots of items fastly through PoE Trade Macro and obtain the most accurate price form PoE.trade. This article will give a hotkeys guide for PoE Trade Macro in Delirium League.

alt + d: Item's Price

Default search. D means default. It shows an item's price from PoE Trade. It craws several transaction information from the lowest to middle price. It calculates and shows the average price and median price.

For currency items, it shows its price from PoE Ninja. It helps you to quickly know its exchange ratio.

alt+shift+d: Item's Price(select mods then search)

This is the advanced version of alt+d. Firstly, you need to select the min mods and max mods. Then, it does the work as alt +d.

alt+i: input the item's name and show its price

i means input. If you know the item's name, you can input it then show its price from POE Trade as alt+d does. Or, you can just open PoE trade window.

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alt+L: Switch leagues

L means league. PoE Trade Macro supports 4 Leagues: Current League, Current League Hardcore, Standard, and Hardcore. You can simply use atrl + l hotkey to change the league quickly. You can also use its menu to switch it: PoE(Trade) Item Info Setting -> League, then choose your current league.

ctrl+c: Item Basic Information

c means check. check the item's information. This enables quickly checking item information without having to check from PoE Wiki.

  • For items, you will see its item level, base level, max sockets, basic stats, dps, etc. It is very useful for crafting.
  • For Divination Card, it shows its drop location.
  • For currency items, it shows its exchange rates.
  • For maps, it shows its related divination card, boss difficult, area layout, vendor recipe.

alt+w: open the item's wiki page from pathofexile.gamepedia.com

w means a wiki. Move your mouse to an item, then press alt+w, it will open the item's wiki page(pathofexile.gamepedia.com) in your default browser.

alt+q: open the item's transaction information through PoE Trade

q means quick. Quickly open the selling information in PoE Trade.

alt+e: age of posted item

e means age. Show item age (own listed items if account name is specified in settings). If the item is listed for a long time, it may means the price listed is too high.

F5: go to your hideout from a town

By pressing F5, you can go to your hideout from a town directly. It is only available when you are in a town.

ctrl+f: stash & vendor search

f means find. Move your mouse over an item, and press ctrl+f, it will search all the items with the same base type. For exampe, move your mouse over Sorrow Turn Gold Ring, pressing ctrl+f, then it will search all the "Gold Ring" items in your stash. This is very useful to search certain base type of rings, amults, gems and divination cards.

alt+ctrl+f: alt stash & vendor search

search all the same type in the stash. For example, move your mouse over Sorrow Turn Gold Ring, pressing alt+ctrl+f, then it will search all the "Ring" items in your stash.

ctrl+ mouse wheel up/down: stash scroll

scroll your stash tabs by pressing ctrl + scrolling mouse up/down.

Pause/break button: Pause PoE Trade Macro script

Sometimes, you may want to pause PoE Trade Macro script, just pressing the Pause/Break button on your keyboard. Pressing Pause/break button again, the script works again.

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