PoE Trade Macro Blight Guide: HotKeys, Setup, not Working?

PoE Trade Macro is a Path of Exile currency & items price checking script. However, if you want to get an accurate price, PoE Trade is the best that offers the latest PoE currency and items price. You can get the price of lots of items fastly through PoE Trade Macro and obtain the most accurate price form PoE.trade. This article will give the latest guide for PoE Trade Macro.


PoE trade macro source code

You can download the source code from here: https://github.com/PoE-TradeMacro/POE-TradeMacro

The top is the official website for trade macro. The code is also available for the latest PoE version Blight.

PoE trade macro setup

  1. Firstly, you need to install AHK (http://ahkscript.org). Don’t install AutoHotkey v2.x. PSA: If AHK crashes when starting TradeMacro try and use a different version, AutoHotkey_1.1.26.01 should always work.
  2. Secondly, download the PoE Trade Macro and extract the zip-file.
  3. Make sure to run Path of Exile in (borderless) windowed mode. Otherwise it won’t work!
  4. Run Run_TradeMacro.ahk.
  5. Default league is set to tmpstandard (Softcore Temp-League).
  6. A lot of options, including the league can be changed by opening the settings window or editing config_trade.ini.
  7. Make sure to play Path of Exile in english, if you’re using a different language it probably won’t work.

Right-click the script icon in your system tray and select PoE Item Info Settings to open the settings window and to edit both PoE-ItemInfos and PoE-TradeMacros settings.

Commandline arguments

TradeMacro supports passing arguments to the run script. There are multiple ways to do this:

  • By making a windows shortcut to Run_TradeMacro.ahk, right-clicking it, editing it’s target field and adding for example -noelevation at the end.
    Target: ;MacroRun_TradeMacro.ahk -noelevation
  • By starting Run_TradeMacro.ahk via a batch script (or whatever language you want), for example:
cd /D "C:FullPathToScriptPoE-TradeMacro"   start Run_TradeMacro.ahk -noelevation
Argument Description
-noelevation Skips elevating the script to use admin rights (not recommended).
-nosplash Skips the splash texts shown while starting the script.

PoE trade macro hotkeys

You can get the most useful item information with hotkey ctrl+c. With ctrl+d, you can search item on Poe.trade. Hotkey ctrl+alt+d is for advanced item search. One can also find more information on wiki page through hotkey ctrl+w. Here are the hotkeys for PoE Trade Macro.

Shortcut Description
ctrl+c See item info (via PoE-ItemInfo).
ctrl+d Search item on poe.trade.
ctrl+alt+d Advanced item search (select mods).
ctrl+i Opens a text input where you can type an item name to search for.
ctrl+w Open the items wiki page.
ctrl+q Open the item search on poe.trade instead of showing a tooltip with results.
ctrl+shift+d Open an item on poeapp.com.
ctrl+e Show item age (own listed items if account name is specified in settings).
ctrl+l Switch leagues.
alt+r Copies an item note for premium tabs to your clipboard that creates a valid currency ratio on all trade sites.

Add your own macros

You can add your own macros by editing AdditionalMacros.txt. The file includes all the script you needed. You can simply remove the comment by deleting the ; in front of a line.

You can edit/open this file by right clicking the TradeMacro system tray icon and selecting open -> AdditionalMacros.txt

Hotkey/macro descriptions

Hotkey / function name Description
TogglePOEItemScript Pause item parsing with the pause key (other macros remain).
Minimize Winkey+D minimizes the active PoE window (PoE stays minimized this way).
HighlightItems Ctrl+F fills search bars in the stash or vendor screens with the item’s name or info you’re hovering over.
Function parameters, change if needed or wanted:

  1. Use broader search terms, default = false.
  2. Leave the search field after pasting the search terms, default = true.
HighlightItemsAlt Ctrl+Alt+F uses much broader search terms for the highlight function.
LookUpAffixes Ctrl+M opens poeaffix.net in your browser, navigating to the item that you’re hovering over.
CloseScripts Ctrl+Esc closes all running scripts specified by (and including) ItemInfo or TradeMacro.
KickYourself F4 to quickly leave a group by kicking yourself. Only works for one specific character name, which you have to edit in.
Hideout Go to hideout with F5.
ScrollTabRight Ctrl+scroll down scrolls through stash tabs rightward.
ScrollTabLeft Ctrl+scroll up scrolls through stash tabs leftward.
ScrollTabRightAlt Holding right mouse button+scroll down scrolls through stash tabs rightward
ScrollTabLeftAlt Holding right mouse button+scroll up scrolls through stash tabs leftward.
SendCtrlC Ctrl+right mouse button sends ctrl+c.
Remaining Mobs remaining with F9.
SetAfkMessage F11 to paste a predefined afk message to your chat and mark “X” so you can type in the estimated time.
AdvItemFilterPreview Ctrl+alt+c Parses your current loot filter (if a custom filter is being used) and shows a highlighting preview for your item, including information about the matching filter rule
WhoisLastWhisper Ctrl+alt+enter to uss the “/whois” chat command on the last person who whispered.
JoinChannel Join a channel with F10, you can edit which one.
OpenOnPoEAntiquary Use ctrl+alt+a to open an item on http://poe-antiquary.xyz to lookup a price history from last leagues.

How does the script work / Editing the script

The Additional Macros script shouldn’t be edited.

To add your own macros, use the subfolder CustomMacros. All files there will be appended.
Please make sure that any issues that you are experiencing aren’t related to your own macros before reporting them.
For example, paste the line ^Space::SendInput {Enter}/oos{Enter} in an .ahk file, place it in the CustomMacros folder and you have your macro ready. It’s that easy.

Declaring variables or executing code outside of functions, labels or hotkeys won’t work in AdditionalMacros or your custom macros. Read more about it here:
https://autohotkey.com/docs/Scripts.htm#auto (script auto-execute section).
Function calls via hotkeys work though.

AutoHotkey IDE’s and Editor setups (NotePad++, Sublime, Vim):

Curated list of awesome AHK libs, lib distributions, scripts, tools and resources:

Custom Macros

The Custom Macros folder in %USERPROFILE%DocumentsPoE-TradeMacro is a place for you to add your own macros/code. It will never be removed/overwritten or modified by TradeMacro. All .txtand .ahk files in this folder will be appended to TradeMacro after AdditionalMacros.ahk.

The file customMacros_example.txt not only has some examples and instructions on how to add your own code and reassign previously assigned hotkeys, but also is an important file to actually use yourself.

Executing your own code

The reason is a bit technical. AHK has two ways to execute code, the “normal” way by simply writing it down in the script or via function/label call. AdditionalMacros and all custom macros are included in ItemInfo/TradeMacro after at least one Return was written in the script. This means that “normal”code execution is not possible anymore. All code after this point has to be executed via label/function call.
Labels can only be called in two ways. Via hotkey or from inside other labels/functions. This means you either have to add your own hotkeys or add your code inside a label that is being called by TradeMacro/AdditionalMacros. Such a label exists in this example file.

This label is called CM_ExecuteCustomMacrosCode_Label:

; Label gets executed by AdditionalMacros at script start.  CM_ExecuteCustomMacrosCode_Label:    Return

Remember: All code that you want to be executed at script start has to be placed here.

Assigning / reassigning hotkeys

Every hotkey assigned in AdditionalMacros will be assigned no matter if it’s set to ON or OFF. It simply won’t be triggered if it’s off. If you want to use one of those hotkeys for your own macro you have to reassign it via the Hotkey command. Use the CM_ExecuteCustomMacrosCode_Label label in the example file for this.


Declaring a global variable for further use in your macros

To avoid any conflicts with global variables defined elsewhere it is suggested to prefix your variable, for example cm.

CM_ExecuteCustomMacrosCode_Label:  	global cmMyVar1 := false  	global cmMyVar2 := "false"  Return

Reassigning the F4 hotkey that is already assigned in AdditionalMacros

F4 is already being used in the script but you want to use it for something else.

CM_ExecuteCustomMacrosCode_Label:  	Hotkey, F4, CM_MyHotkey_Label  Return    CM_MyHotkey_Label:  	SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Enter}{Ctrl Up}Thx, have a nice day.{Enter}	  Return

Hotkey, created without the Hotkey command

Overwriting previously assigned hotkeys is not possible this way, resulting in a “duplicate key” error.

CM_ExecuteCustomMacrosCode_Label:    Return    F2::SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Enter}{Ctrl Up}Thx, have a nice day.{Enter}

AutoHotkey IDE’s and Editor setups (NotePad++, Sublime, Vim):

Curated list of awesome AHK libs, lib distributions, scripts, tools and resources:

PoE Trade Macro not working

1. How does updating the config files/AdditionalMacros work?

With version 2.0.0 those files were moved to <WindowsUserFolder>DocumentsPoE-TradeMacro(varies slightly depending on OS version). When you start the script it checks if these files exists in the user folder and if there were any changes made to those files compared to the last script-version. If that’s the case these files are updated without overwriting your settings. Before 3.6.0 those files were backed up and overwritten.

This means you won’t have to do anything when using/installing a newer version.

2. TradeMacro (or some files) being reported to be malicious/a virus

Some security suites are known to flag the macro or some of it’s files. These are false positives. I can’t really do much about it, when in doubt don’t use the macro. Otherwise try to make exceptions for the macro folder or specific files that are being blocked/removed. One of the most recent issues with AVG: Link.

3. My shortcuts aren’t working (except ctrl + c maybe), what’s wrong? Panic!

You’re probably executing/starting the wrong file. The only file to use is Run_TradeMacro.ahk in the root directory. Nothing else.
You can also try running it as administrator, this should be always the case though.

4. Error: Call to nonexistent function

Specificially: GuiAddGroupBox…

This error can be related to starting the script by using the Windows File Explorer Quick Access. Starting it via other ways or by a shortcut to the script (using quick access) should work though.

5. Error “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000142)”

It’s possible that you’re missing the Visual C++ Redistributables (after a fresh Windows installation for example).

6. The script can’t find any items (no results), what’s wrong?

There could be many reasons like poe.trade being down but the first thing you should try is using Run_only_this.ahk in case you’re using Run_TradeMacro_no_Admin_Elevation.ahk, especially on Win 10. If that doesn’t help and you can use the poe.trade website without any problem see if you can find an open issue for your problem or report it. Could also be related to the CloudFlare protection, see #1.

There’s a connection test script resourcestestsTest_WinHttpRequest.ahk, it may be able to show your issue. Using the 32bit version of AHK instead of the 64bit and vice versa could also resolve your issues.

7. Do I have to edit the .ini file to change settings?

No, you can right-click the scripts icon in your system tray and select “PoE Item Info Settings” to edit both PoE-ItemInfos/PoE-TradeMacros and AdditionalMacros settings.

8. Can this script price rare items?

You can use the advanced search to choose the mods that should be considered. Regarding default search and normal/magic/rare items: The item is sent to poeprices.info to use their pricing using machine-learning algorithms, you’ll have to decide for yourself whether the results are good enough and “trustwhorty” for you. Otherwise if you disable this pricing in the settings the default search only considers the item name (Jewels and Flasks) or type (Amulet for example). The following important properties are also considered:

  • 5L/6L
  • Item level if it has the highest item level needed for crafting (for example “>= 84” for armour pieces).
  • Item sub type if it’s a desired crafting base (for example “Hubris Circlet”) and has the proper item level.
  • Enchantments and corrupted implicit mods.

9. How does searching uniques work?

Ctrl + d: Item name, sockets and links (if 5L/6L) are used. The results have the same corruption state as your item (No/Yes). We also take the item levels needed to 5s/6s an item into consideration. For example excluding items below iLvl 50 if yours is 50+ on Body Armour and 2H bases.

Ctrl + alt + d: In addition to the above you can select the items mods which can have variable rolls and set their min-/max-values. You can also select enchantments and corrupted implicit mods (those are being ignored in the default search).

10. How does searching gems work?

  • The results have the same corruption state as your gem (No/Yes).
  • If the gem level is 16 or higher, the level is included as min-level. This can be customized by changing the GemLevel setting.
  • If your gem has quality it is inluded as min-quality and max-quality (exact match). This can be changed to a range (min-quality = gemQuality – x and max-quality = gemQuality + x) by editing the GemQualityRange setting.

11. How does searching corrupted items work in general?

The search only looks for items with the same state as yours (No/Yes) unless you override this logic with the Corrupted and CorruptedOverride options in the settings menu. Using this forces the search to always use the selected state.

Warning: If you use “Either” or “Yes” the search can’t distinguish between normal gems and their vaal counterpart.

If your unique item is fully linked and corrupted and has 3/4 max-sockets the search looks only for fully linked items. This can be disabled in the settings menu.

12. How can I run this script on windows startup/shortcut/batch file?

I heard about some people having problems running the script directly at startup for example via shortcut in the startup folder. One solution to this is using a batch-script (.bat) with the following contents and executing it at startup:

cd /D "C:FullPathToScriptPoE-TradeMacro"  start Run_TradeMacro.ahk

13. Where is the “no admin elevation” run script?

It was removed and replaced with a commandline argument, you can still run the script without elevation:

  • By making a windows shortcut to Run_TradeMacro.ahk, right-clicking it and editing it’s target field and adding -noelevation at the end.
    Target: ;MacroRun_TradeMacro.ahk -noelevation
  • By starting Run_TradeMacro.ahk via a batch script (or whatever language you want), for example:
cd /D "C:FullPathToScriptPoE-TradeMacro"   start Run_TradeMacro.ahk -noelevation

14. Searching poe.trade causes AHK to become temporarily unresponsive

Just wanted to follow up with what I found. After some testing and profiling I noticed that anything using Windows DNS resolution was taking a long time, and it seems like the reason was because of an issue with some changes that were made to the way DNS resolution happens when you have multiple interfaces. A number of IPv6 lookups were failing or returning the wrong information (likely due to a VPN connection I have) and resulting in timeouts and failed connections. To solve the issue, I disabled IPv6 completely on the interface and disabled “smart” DNS resolution.

Since then my searches through the TradeMacro have all taken 2-3 seconds tops!

Here’s some references for anyone who might experiencing a similar issue:


15. The tooltips are hidden behind the game window

This issue is very likely related to the Windows Creator Update. In this cause you should be able to solve it by following this guide up to and including disabling Game Monitoring and quickly rebooting. While I’ll try to find a better solution I can’t guarantee to have any success.

16. Error: Target label does not exist.


Check if %USERPROFILE%DocumentsPoE-TradeMacroCustomMacroscustomMacros_example.txtexists and is not empty. If it’s missing/empty or if in doubt copy the default template file from <TM Folder>resourcesdefault_UserFilesCustomMacroscustomMacros_example_dontOverwrite.txtto the user folder while renaming it.


Try deleting %USERPROFILE%DocumentsPoE-TradeMacroAdditionalMacros.ini and start the macro again.

17. PoE client crashes when using any search or ctrl +c (ItemInfo) on a specific item/MTX

Try using ctrl + c on the same item or MTX without running TradeMacro or ItemInfo, if it still happens your issue is related to the client itself, not to any macro. If you ever encounter this issue this is most likely the reason, since the macro shouldn’t be able to crash the PoE client in any way.

18. The script uses a different browser than the systems default browser

This may be because the script has multiple ways to try determining the default browser, for example by using the one associated with .html/.htm files, which doesn’t have to be your systems default browser.

19. Parsing the currency data from poe.ninja is failing constantly

Check if you can reach the poe.ninja website first. If that works, confirm the TradeMacro error message, open the settings menu by right clicking the system tray icon and selecting the corresponding option and look for the “League” setting there. It is possible that the saved value was somehow messed up, changing the league to a different one or selecting one if the field is empty may fix the issue. If this doesn’t help look for further support.

20. Critical permission error

Can also be applicable to “Error : target label does not exist” issues.

The script is not able to write files to the user folder, this issue is most likely related to your Security Suite/Antivirus Software preventing Autohotkey to write to your “protected” folders. In this case you have create an exception for Autohotkey. Example for BitDefender by Cano-G.

21. Additional Macros hotkeys aren’t working or can’t be set via menu

Delete %Userprofile%DocumentsPoE-TradeMacroAdditionalMacros.ini and restart the macro.

22. Running the macro slows down/freezes my PC

Could be related to your antivirus software placing Autohotkey into quarantine. Past issue with solutions: Link

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