Cheap PoE Currency through Prophecy

a prophecy is an event that can be triggered.

Cheap PoE Currency through Prophecy

You can activate them by paying a silver coin to Navali.

Read the description of the prophecy and try to complete the “task”. Prophecy is triggered and can give you decent returns. For best results, the only prophecy for characters above level 70 can be activated. If you don’t understand the specific trigger conditions, the wiki can help you.

For Alwa, map before you meet her. Then enter her entrance and kill things to upgrade the room. Open the door with the key. The front is quite narrow.

There are many ways how to make currency. You might want to invest in a premium tag to make selling items easier.

-Usually, people will recommend making messy recipes (see wiki for recipes)

-Use the orb of alchemy to run a lot of maps

-Sell good treasures you don’t need. (Trade is your friend)

-Seal and sell valuable prophecy (Poe trade is your friend)

-(More advanced) Flipping items on the trading desk.

-Sell a service or a rare event, such as those rare purple essences or legendary beasts.

-Run uber lab to create valuable magic on a helmet

-(The best one) Play more and get more experience

Find what you like to do and work hard to make it profitable.

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