Twisted Distant Memory Synthesised Map - Path of Exile

Twisted Distant Memory Synthesised Map

Twisted Distant Memory

Twisted Distant Memory is a unique Synthesised Map. Maps.

  • 100% increased Experience gain
  • Monster Level: 80
  • Map has (3–5) additional random Modifiers
  • Map has (2–4) additional Synthesis Global Modifiers
  • map item drop quantity +% [100]
  • map item drop rarity +% [0]
  • map pack size +% [25]

Flavour Text: Without our strict rule, man's destructive side would take hold. Our beautiful public spaces, our services for the ill and the needy, all of it would crumble.

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Twisted Distant Memory is a unique Synthesised Map. The base map may have variable tier, but the area level of the unique map is override as 80. The area level override prevents further modification of monster levels, such as from the atlas passive notable Deadly Nightmare.

Twisted Distant Memory is not part of the Atlas of Worlds. There is no bonus objective for this map.

This map, however, can be witnessed by the Maven as part of the prerequisites of Maven's Invitation: The Forgotten.

Despite not on the atlas, this map can still be affected by atlas passive skill that affects Synthesised Map. Note that atlas passive skill cannot affect maps from Kirac's atlas mission.


The map has two pools of map modifiers, one draw from "synthesis global" pool (mod domain = 19), one from "synthesis local" pool (mod domain = 18). Synthesis map modifiers are not visible on the map itself, and these modifiers are only revealed upon entering the map.


The map uses the Park Map tileset. The area contains several wagons and lamps along the path. The boundaries of the map are surrounded in blue memory decay typical of a Synthesis zone, but cannot be directly interacted with. A portal to the boss room is located at the top left.


  • Twisted Synthete

Items found from this monster

Item Level
Circle of Anguish 52
Circle of Fear 52
Circle of Guilt 52
Circle of Nostalgia 52
Circle of Regret 52
Mask of the Tribunal 58
Perepiteia 62
Storm's Gift 58

Boss video

Items found in this area

The following drop-restricted items can drop in this area.

Item Drop
Magnum Opus 80

Item acquisition

Twisted Distant Memory has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Drops from T11+ Map Bosses, and sometimes sold by Kirac or Tujen.


Twisted Distant Memory can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
5 Justified Ambition Random Synthesised Map
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange

It is one of the possible options from Kirac's Atlas Mission.