Apep's Slumber Vaal Spirit Shield - Path of Exile

Apep's Slumber Vaal Spirit Shield

Apep's Slumber

Apep's Slumber is a unique Vaal Spirit Shield. Shields. Chance to Block: 24. Energy Shield: 56–64. Movement Speed: -3%.

Requires Level 62, 159 Int.

  • (5–10)% increased Spell Damage

  • Adds (50–55) to (72–80) Chaos Damage
  • +(80–100) to maximum Energy Shield
  • +25% chance to be Poisoned
  • +3% to all maximum Resistances while Poisoned
  • Regenerate 80 Energy Shield per Second per Poison on you, up to 400 per second
  • Poisons on you expire 50% slower
  • (Maximum Resistances cannot be raised above 90%)

Flavour Text: The heart grows slow, the spirit grows strong. {This item can be transformed on the Altar of Sacrifice along with Vial of Awakening}

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Item acquisition

Apep's Slumber has restrictions on where or how it can drop. It cannot be chanced. Apep's Slumber can only be obtained from a chest inside the tier 3 incursion room Toxic Grove (upgraded from Poison Garden and Cultivar Chamber).

Usage in recipes

Apep's Slumber is used in the following recipes:

Result Amount Part Description
Apep's Supremacy 1 Apep's Slumber Upgraded via the Altar of Sacrifice found in the Temple of Atzoatl's Apex of Ascension room
1 Vial of Awakening