The Pandemonius Price, Drop & Build – Jade Amulet

The Pandemonius The Pandemonius is a unique Jade Amulet. Requires Level 64. Popularity: 2%(High).

The Pandemonius Build Stats

Name The Pandemonius The Pandemonius Total stats
BaseStats +(20-30) to Dexterity
Resistance +(35-40)% to Cold Resistance
Cold Damage
  • (20-30)% increased Cold Damage
  • Chill Enemy for 1 second when Hit, reducing their Action Speed by 30%
  • Blind Blind Chilled Enemies on Hit
  • Damage Penetrates 20% Cold Resistance against Chilled Enemies

The Pandemonius Price

In the trade marketplace, the price of The Pandemonius The Pandemonius Jade Amulet is 2.6 Exalted Orbs.

The Pandemonius Price

The Pandemonius Farming – How to get it?

A Blessing of Tul Blessing of Tul is a currency item that can be used to upgrade certain Breach unique items.

Outcome Amount Ingredient
The Pandemonius The Pandemonius 1 Blessing of Tul Blessing of Tul
1 The Halcyon The Halcyon

PoE The Pandemonius Ice Nova + Cyclone Build

Character: 100 Assassin

Life: 5387 Strength: 172
Energy Shield: 422 Dexterity: 233
Mana: 1065 Intelligence: 301
Evasion Rating: 2364 Charges: E: 3 / F: 3 / P: 6
Armour: 80

Main Skills Build

Main skill: Ice Nova Ice Nova + Cyclone Cyclone. Ice Nova Ice Nova: AVERAGE HIT(289k). Damage types:Cold(90%), Chaos(9%),Lightning(1%).
Cyclone Cyclone: DPS(173k). Damage types: Cold(77%), Physical(14%), Chaos(9%).
These are the support skill gems:

The Pandemonius The Pandemonius Build: Ice Nova Ice Nova Supports Popularity
Cast On Critical Strike Cast On Critical Strike 93.00%
Hypothermia Hypothermia 93.00%
Increased Critical Strikes Increased Critical Strikes 89.00%
Increased Area of Effect Increased Area of Effect 33.00%
Concentrated Effect Concentrated Effect 26.00%
Fortify Fortify 16.00%
Cold Penetration Cold Penetration 11.00%
Elemental Focus Elemental Focus 10.00%
Spell Echo Spell Echo 7.00%
Intensify Intensify 6.00%
Increased Critical Damage Increased Critical Damage 5.00%
Greater Spell Echo Spell Echo 5.00%
Controlled Destruction Controlled Destruction 4.00%
Energy Leech Energy Leech 4.00%

Skill Gems Build

Body Armour: Ice Nova Ice Nova, Concentrated Effect Concentrated Effect, Cast On Critical Strike Cast On Critical Strike, Increased Critical Strikes Increased Critical Strikes, Hypothermia Hypothermia, Cyclone Cyclone
Weapon: Ice Nova Ice Nova, Frostbolt Frostbolt, Innervate Innervate
Offhand Weapon: Vortex Vortex, Unbound Ailments Unbound Ailments, Frostbite Frostbite
Helmet: Precision Precision, Increased Duration Increased Duration, Vaal Righteous Fire Vaal Righteous Fire
Gloves: Leap Slam Leap Slam, Onslaught Onslaught, Faster Attacks Faster Attacks, Herald of Ice Herald of Ice
Boots: Hatred Hatred, Blood Rage Blood Rage

Passive Skill Build

The Pandemonius Passive Skill Build

Equipment Build

Body Armour: Carcass Jack Carcass Jack Varnished Coat

Weapon: Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice Jewelled Foil

Offhand Weapon: Cospri’s Malice Cospri’s Malice Jewelled Foil

Helmet: Havoc Cowl Magistrate Crown

Gloves: Sol Touch Fingerless Silk Gloves

Boots: Bubonic Trail Bubonic Trail Murder Boots

Belt: Gloom Bond Stygian Vise

Amulet: The Pandemonius The Pandemonius Jade Amulet

Ring: Mark of the Shaper Mark of the Shaper Opal Ring, Entropy Gyre Two-Stone Ring

Jewels: Tempered Mind Tempered Mind Cobalt Jewel, Might of the Meek Might of the Meek Crimson Jewel, Soul Ruin Viridian Jewel, Frozen Trail Frozen Trail Cobalt Jewel, Carrion Spark Spark Viridian Jewel, Carrion Blood Crimson Jewel, Might of the Meek Might of the Meek Crimson Jewel, Rapture Star Viridian Jewel, Unnatural Instinct Unnatural Instinct Viridian Jewel, etc.

Flasks: The Wise Oak The Wise Oak Bismuth Flask, Atziri’s Promise Atziri’s Promise Amethyst Flask, Perpetual Eternal Life Flask of Staunching, Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Warding, Ample Diamond Flask of Staunching


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Amulets

Jade Amulet Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
Karui Ward Karui Ward 5
Rashkaldor’s Patience Rashkaldor’s Patience 61
Karui Charge Karui Charge 24
The Halcyon The Halcyon 35
The Pandemonius The Pandemonius 64
Hyrri’s Truth Hyrri’s Truth 64

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