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Fairgraves' Tricorne Tricorne

Fairgraves' Tricorne

Fairgraves' Tricorne is a unique Tricorne. Helmets. Evasion Rating: 53–69.

Requires Level 12, 27 Dex.

  • Adds 15 to 25 Cold Damage to Attacks
  • 70% increased Evasion Rating
  • +(20–30)% to Lightning Resistance
  • Cannot be Shocked
  • You can be Touched by Tormented Spirits

Flavour Text: Fairgraves' trusty tricorne accompanied him far across the seas, deep under the ground, and even beyond death.

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Item acquisition

Fairgraves' Tricorne can drop anywhere. It can be chanced.


Fairgraves' Tricorne can be created from the following recipes:

Amount Part Description
8 Baited Expectations Random fishing item
1 Divine Justice Random helmet with an Eternal Labyrinth enchantment
3 Sambodhi's Wisdom Random armour with 30% quality
4 The Blessing of Moosh Random item with a Labyrinth enchantment
7 Prejudice Random influenced item
6 Costly Curio Random double-influenced item
8 Arrogance of the Vaal Random two-implicit corrupted item
4 Jack in the Box Random item
1 Singular Incubator Random item
1 The Void Random divination card set exchange


Cannot be Shocked: This modifier gives immunity to all shocks, including shocks from Shocked Ground and other non-hit source of shock.

You can be touched by Tormented Spirits: Making contact with Tormented Spirits will grant you a Spirit's Touch buff based on the type of Tormented Spirit.

Characters with this Fairgraves' Tricorne equipped are eligible for Fishing Rod drops.


Tormented Spirit Spirit Modifiers Spirit's Touch Spirit's Grip
Shavronne N/A N/A Cast Storm Call and Storm Bearers.
Alchemist N/A N/A N/A
Arsonist Periodically fires a series of three novas that deal fire damage Gains extra fire damage and fire resistance. Monster gains ability to cast a large firestorm that leaves burning ground over a wide area
Aurora Cultist Leaves ice trail akin to Arctic Armor Monsters deal additional cold damage Casts Vaal Cold Snap
Betrayer Guaranteed veiled rare on death
Blasphemer Hexfont Random curse on hit Random curse on hit, enemies can have 2 curses
Cannibal Devours a nearby corpse to heal Gains Corpse Devouring Gains Corpse Devouring; periodically summons Cannibal's Devoted as adds (Cannibal from act 1)
Charlatan Has Physical Degeneration Aura. Has Allies regenerate life aura. All affected monsters apply a physical bleed effect on hit. Status icon is the same as the puncture icon Causes puncture on hit. Summons Purged Fluids. (Mini Blood Elemental from Lunaris 3)
Cutthroat Has 'Allies Deal Substantial Extra Physical Damage' aura Monsters gain increased Attack, Cast and Movement speed Gained 'Allies Deal Substantial Extra Physical Damage' and 'Allies Move and Attack Faster' auras
Embezzler Embezzler Aura: Enemies recover Life, Mana and Energy Shield 50% slower. Summons Embezzler's Offers (Aurate Warriors) and Embezzler's Own (Aurate Archers) Periodically summons Embezzler's Offers and Embezzler's Own. Drops a large amount of currency orbs on death
Illegal Fisherman Very rare Nothing special seems to happen Nothing special seems to happen
Forger Monsters seem to respawn as apparitions (akin to Soul Conduit) Monsters gain Spell Echo (multistrike pending test?) Periodically summons corpses and raises specters
Graverobber Leaves sandstorms Guaranteed league-specific unique on death
Martyr Gains Frenzy Charges, Casts Detonate Dead Explodes on Death dealing Fire damage. Periodically summons Martyr's Devoted as adds (similar to Alira's Martyr from Western Forest)
Mutilator Casts a Spectral Throw? Spawns Animated Weapon on death Casts Vaal Spectral Throw
Necromancer Summons Raging Spirits Summons skeleton warrior on death Summons several skeleton warriors
Poisoner Leaves a trail of chaos damage similar to Arctic Armor Monsters Poison on hit, similar to the map mod Periodically releases a large nova of peircing bolts that do chaos damage
Rogue Increased movement speed, reduced Character Size Quick, 20% reduced Character Size, 33% chance to Dodge Attacks Quick, 20% reduced Character Size, 33% chance to Dodge Attacks, 33% chance to Dodge Spell Damage
Seditionist N/A Summons Tornadoes. Monster Gain "Silence curses" on hit Guaranteed magic or rare map upon death. Drops around 10-15 scrolls (portal/wisdom)
Smuggler Has 'Allies have increased energy shield' aura N/A Guaranteed unique on death
Spy Leaves smoke cloud trail Gains Blind on hit Releases smoke clouds over a large area
Storm Cultist Has a small "Enemies are Shocked" aura around the ghost, resists lightning Grants lightning resistance Spawns areas of shocking ground nearby?
Thief Enemies cannot leech from you. Life and mana leech Ends active flask effects and removes mana on hit. Increased jewelry drops
Thug Grants increased life and character size. Grants increased life and character size. Grants increased life, character size, and area of effect.
Vaal Cultist Summons Vaal Constructs Additional elemental damage. Randomly uses Vaal skills. Chance to drop a Vaal Fragment or Gem on death.
Warlord Casts Warlords Mark Reduced Physical Damage taken Generates Endurance charges. Seems to grant endurance charges to allies as well.