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Elder Scrolls Online is a single open RPG, each part of which is set on Tamriel’s specific continent. As you would expect from MMO, Elder Scrolls Online has its own in-game currency. Although there is a large amount of trade in crafting materials, ESO gold is the preferred target of demand.

Why ESO gold is so important in Elder Scrolls Online is due to the fact that there are so many people competing for power in temrier, especially for the emperor’s role on the throne, which is the only position players can get on the world server. Yes, factional warfare can lead to a player as long as it has the role and power of a ruler in the game world. In this case, you should find the best place to buy ESO gold so you don’t lag behind.

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Vendor ESO Gold? Farming ESo Gold?

It’s great seeing all the different suggestions. Goes to show there’s many different ways to play.

For me I found gathering materials to be a very good gold earner, especially in Craglorn where Potent Nirncrux have the potential to drop (worth about 13k on PC EU right now).

I started my gold earning by gathering materials for an hour a day. Before long I was hitting 50k+, and eventually 100k+ a week doing this. I whacked YouTube or Netflix on my second monitor and just went round in a loop over and over. Fairly boring but easy to do.

Once I levelled up my main crafter and got about 2 million in the bank I stopped farming and started making food, potions and furnishings. I would drop maybe 500k buying materials and then convert this into items. This is a big money earner. On some furnishings the profit is simply ridiculous — one item I sell has a craft cost of 200 gold and I sell it for 1.2k, 1k profit per piece, and I sell it in stacks of 5, and I’ll craft 50 in one go. They drip sell over the course of 2 weeks. Another item, an Alinor piece, has a 2k craft cost and I sell for 7.5k. Again, I craft about 30 of these in one go and they drip sell over a couple of weeks.

Now I’ve actually started to do daily writs. I do them on 14 characters, and the gold earned just from the turn in reward is 450k each week for me. The big gold earner from writs for me are the surveys that drop. I must get about 60 a week, sometimes more. Every few days I’ll go out and gather all the materials and then refine them looking for gold materials, then just sell those gold materials in bunches of 8/10. Even the raw materials fetch a pretty price — a stack of Ancestor Silk refined is about 4.5k.

Go To Armory Merchants when you’re done farming Alliance Points for the day

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Earn ESo Gold Tips

There are so many ways to make money, the best way is the one you find least boring or actually enjoy. If you continue to fish, be sure to do it in Summerset or artaeum for those pyandonean bottles. Some of my trader guildies do the Summerset dailies and geysers and sell off the culanda/gall/motif pages. If you have a dedicated crafter, selling stuff from master writ purchases is fair money. My preferred method is thieving and selling off pricey furnishing plans. Vvardenfell is good because pickpocketing drops the great house motifs: try vivec city or Balmora. Summerset is good too because there are a lot of good spots and the furnishing plans are worth a lot.

Does Elder Scrolls Online include all terrain

The land area may not be similar. I suspect that ESO’s Tamriel is smaller than any other game.

The eastern part of the sky is in the game.

All Vvardenfell islands in Morrowind are in the game, except you can’t go to the northern sheogorad island and you can’t climb red mountain. There are a large area of morningwind mainland, including the capital of moornhold, which you visited in the DLC of the court. Obviously, Vvardenfell does not have any imperial fortresses, and the towns of pelagiad and caldera do not exist, because they will become colonies of the Empire.

On this map, Alderaan does not yet have the city of redoran. This is the site of ashlanders’ Pilgrimage to honor the ancestors who killed skaal. In fact, the relationship between redoran and ashlanders is deteriorating. Balmora is controlled by redoran, not hlalla. Vivec city is still under construction, and the palace hall and arena are not yet completed. Tel Vos doesn’t exist, and mages will soon farm the telvanni tower in the area.

Thomas De La marnierre’s answer: why didn’t the ancient scroll courts resist the Empire or attempt to invade tamrell (if they were living gods)?

So far, Morrowind and skyrim’s solstheim island are no longer in the game. I guess it’s going to be the barbarian of the second era, because there’s no imperial fortress of Septim, no ravenstone. Of course, since dagoth ur has not yet woken up, there is no force field on the mountain because there is no metamorph .

There is a large area of cylotil. The central area around the imperial city was the main battlefield, which was occupied by three alliances in the second era. Interestingly, you notice that the ruins of the fortress (such as faragut fortress) you see in the obivion are not ruins, because you were actually using them at that time. The army of the remake Empire still controls the city to a certain extent, but most of them are loyal to molag BAL, and some are still resisting. The city is the site of major city battles, and ruins. The alliance infiltrates the sewers and occupies some areas of the city on the surface. The gold coast, where anvil and kvatch are located, is immune from this military profession and is in good condition. You can visit the complete kvatch and even become a gladiator in their arena, because you know that this is the only city with a city other than the imperial city.

You’ll visit some of them, especially cold harbor, but you won’t be able to browse the trembling islands as widely as you can in forgotten DLC. You can’t visit the Deadlands in mehrunes Dagon like you did in Li Mie.

However, there are more.

All high rock and valenwood are in the game.

You may visit some of the easternmost areas of hammerfell, summerset Islands (auridon Island), black March and Elsweyr, such as dune.

Interestingly, playable areas do not consider the boundaries of “provinces” (because there is no Empire, are they still provinces?). Sometimes you have blocks of data from different provinces in the same region.

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