Deregulation Scroll PoE

Deregulation Scroll Deregulation Scroll is a Harbinger Scroll that can be used to upgrade The Tempest’s Binding The Tempest’s Binding to The Tempest’s Liberation The Tempest’s Liberation.

Harbinger Scroll Original item Upgraded item
Deregulation Scroll Deregulation Scroll
Deregulation Scroll
The Tempest’s Binding The Tempest’s Binding
The Tempest's Binding
The Tempest’s Liberation The Tempest’s Liberation
The Tempest's Liberation

Deregulation Scroll Drop Location

Deregulation Scroll Deregulation Scroll can be obtained from Infused Beachhead Infused Beachhead unique map.

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List of Harbinger Scrolls

Deregulation Scroll Deregulation Scroll
Electroshock Scroll Electroshock Scroll
Fragmentation Scroll Fragmentation Scroll
Haemocombustion Scroll Haemocombustion Scroll
Specularity Scroll Specularity Scroll
Time-light Scroll Time-light Scroll

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