PoE Sanctum Cheat Sheet

List of PoE Sanctum Cheat Sheet

Each room other than the miniboss room contains several Guard unique monsters, as well as one of three tasks to complete the room:

  • Find the Exit (locate the exit door)
  • Defeat all the Guards (defeat every Unique Guard)
  • Defeat the Boss (minibosses based on map bosses)
Sanctum Cheat Sheet
Room Goal Defeat all the Guards Defeat all the Guards
(Skull Arena)
Find the Exit Find the Exit
Defeat the Boss
Floor 1:
Sanctum Archives
Chambers of Inscription Templar Annals
1 central Skull, walls
Abandoned Library
Ice Trap
Holy Trials
Mana Rune Squares
Crimson Archbishop
Floor 2:
Sanctum Vaults
Derelict Caverns Battlegrounds
1 central Skull, no walls
Decrepit Cellar
Ice Trap
Rolling Exarch Boulders
Greater Wraith
Floor 3:
Sanctum Cathedral
Unholy Lair Infernum
2 Skulls, dividing wall
Halls of Worship Crucible
Mana Rune Squares
Sanctum Bellum
Aureate Guardian
Floor 4:
Sanctum Necropolis
Lost Catacombs Desecrated Crypt
1 Skull, 90 degree arc
Undercroft Entombment
Rolling Exarch Boulders or
Mana Rune Squares + Lasers
Colossal Lithomancer

Note: most “Find the Exit” rooms have shortcuts that require movement skills.

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Room Reward Types

Note: All room types other than boss rooms can become Afflicted. Afflicted rooms are indicated by a purple border and cause the character to gain an Affliction on entry.

Item Reward Room

When players are offered rewards, they have three options:

  • Recieve #x <item1> now
  • Recieve #x <item2> at end of the Floor (“at end of the next Floor” if on room 8)
  • Recieve #x <item3> on completing the Sanctum

The quantity and/or types of items improve based on the area level of the zone and how long you defer the reward, at the cost of risking the reward entirely if the player fails the run. Item chests have a 5 Aureus fee.

Treasure Reward Room

Contains chests of Aureus; comes in 2 types: Minor Treasure Reward (2 chests) or Major Treasure Reward (5 chests).

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