Itemised Metamorph Sample

Itemised Metamorph Samples refer to the 5 types of items from the in-game Metamorph mechanics: Metamorph Brain Metamorph Brain, Metamorph Eye Metamorph Eye, Metamorph Lung Metamorph Lung, Metamorph Heart Metamorph Heart and Metamorph Liver Metamorph Liver.

Itemised Metamorph Sample Recipe

Outcome Vendor Recipes
1x random organ of a Different type
  • 3x of Any organ type

Three of any itemized organs can be sold to a vendor to receive a random organ differing from those offered, with random rewards. Thus, if the players lack Eye and Liver, they should use 1 Brain, 1 Heart and 1 Lung in the recipe to maximize the chance.

Itemised Metamorph Sample Recipe

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Vendor List:

Item Class: Metamorph Sample
Rarity: Unique
Suncaller Asha's Brain
Item Class: Metamorph Sample
Rarity: Unique
Terror of the Infinite Drifts's Heart
Item Class: Metamorph Sample
Rarity: Unique
Erythrophagia's Eye

The recipe outcome is Spinner of False Hope's Lung(Rarity: Unique, Item Class: Metamorph Sample).

Metamorph organ samples basetypes:

  • Metamorph Brain Metamorph Brain – the abilities associated with Brain samples are “Lingering”
  • Metamorph Eye Metamorph Eye – the abilities associated with Eye samples are “Simple”
  • Metamorph Lung Metamorph Lung – the abilities associated with Lung samples have “Medium Delay”
  • Metamorph Heart Metamorph Heart – the abilities associated with Heart samples have “Long Delay”
  • Metamorph Liver Metamorph Liver – the abilities associated with Liver samples have “Short Delay”

In fact, there are too many organ recipe combinations. However, if you lack one of their organs, you can use the following recipe:

Result PoE Organs Recipe
1x Brain or 1x Eye 1x Lung + 1x Heart + 1x Liver
1x Brain or 1x Lung 1x Eye + 1x Heart + 1x Liver
1x Brain or 1x Heart 1x Eye + 1x Lung + 1x Liver
1x Brain or 1x Liver 1x Lung + 1x Heart + 1x Eye
1x Eye or 1x Lung 1x Brain + 1x Heart + 1x Liver
1x Eye or 1x Heart 1x Brain + 1x Lung + 1x Liver
1x Eye or 1x Liver 1x Brain + 1x Heart + 1x Lung
1x Lung or 1x Heart 1x Brain + 1x Eye + 1x Liver
1x Lung or 1x Liver 1x Brain + 1x Eye + 1x Heart
1x Heart or 1x Liver 1x Brain + 1x Eye + 1x Lung

Itemised Metamorph Organ Sample Mechanics

Each map has a 10% chance to include a Metamorph encounter. The chance is not shared with Master nor Abyss, Blight, Breach and Legion, etc. In the encounter, certain monsters (and map boss) are marked with a green "arrow" on their bodies as well as marked on the mini-map, and the monster health and name bar have a green circle. Upon defeating these monsters, they drop organ samples which are automatically collected. With a full set of samples - Brain, Eye, Heart, Lung, and Liver - players can construct a Metamorph based on the combination they have used by spawning Tane Octavius and his Metamorph Vial using a button on the bottom right (PC default keybind: V). Tane spawns automatically once you've collected every organ in the zone.

Players can use any combination of a set of organs to create the Metamorph monster. Each organ determines the attacks the Metamorph uses, as well as the monster modifiers it has. Sometimes an organ will contain an additional item drop bonus. Moreover, a meter to the right fills based on sample rarity, which increases the monster's overall stats and item drops. Organs from higher rarity monsters will give larger increases to this meter. If the meter is filled as well as using at least one map boss sample, the Metamorph will drop an itemized organ sample, named after the name of the map boss, which can be placed in player's inventory. Note that in some case, even fully cleared the map, there are not enough rare and unique organ samples to fully filled the meter, due to external factor such as map rarity , map mod, map tier and pack size. Only one Metamorph boss can be constructed per instance, and only itemized organs can be transferred out of the zone instance.

Itemized samples can be used in the Metamorph Vial in Tane's Laboratory. A full set of itemized organ can be used to construct a Metamorph there. The mods on the itemized organs indicate additional items the Metamorph will drop. Note that no more organ drop in the lab.

Itemised Metamorph Organ Sample

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