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Dying Sun Dying Sun is a unique Ruby Flask. Requires Level 68. Popularity: 15%(High).

Dying Sun Build Stats

Name Dying Sun Dying Sun Total stats
  • Consumes (27-33) of 60 Charges on use
  • Lasts 4.00 Seconds
  • (-10-10)% increased Charges used
Resistance +50% to Fire Resistance
Damage 20% less Fire Damage taken
AoE (15-25)% increased Area of Effect during Flask Effect
Projectiles Skills fire 2 additional Projectiles during Flask Effect

Dying Sun Price

In the trade marketplace, the price of Dying Sun Dying Sun Ruby Flask is 20 Chaos Orbs Chaos Orbs. For Hardcore League, a Dying Sun Dying Sun is worth to 1.1 Exalted Orb Exalted Orb.

Dying Sun Price

Dying Sun Quality

(1) 20% Quality

Glassblower’s Bauble Glassblower’s Bauble can improve the quality of a Dying Sun Dying Sun to 20%. Glassblower’s Baubles are used to increase the quality of a flask. Quality on recovery flasks increases the amount of life and/or mana recovered by that percentage. Utility flasks gain increased duration instead. Note that quality on flasks stacks multiplicatively with other modifiers to flasks (for example, the increased flask duration nodes from the passive tree or belts). Furthermore, things with increased flask effect will not only improve the implicit mod of a flask, but any of the mods that the flask has rolled (always rounded down).

(2) 26% Quality – Immortal Syndicate safehouse with Hillock stationed

Safehouse crafting


  • Corrupted items cannot be crafted.
  • The quality can be enhanced on unidentified items.
Job type Target Rank/Tier Mission
Research Hillock Sergeant Modify a Flask’s quality to 22%
Research Hillock Lieutenant Modify a Flask’s quality to 24%
Research Hillock Captain Modify a Flask’s quality to 26%

How to get a Dying Sun?

PoE Dying Sun Drop Rate

Boss: The Shaper. The Shaper can drop Shaper items. He has five exclusive unique item drops which will always be shaped. He will always drop one of them: Dying Sun Dying Sun, Shaper’s Touch Shaper’s Touch, Solstice Vigil Solstice Vigil, Starforge Starforge, Voidwalker Voidwalker. The drop rate of Dying Sun Dying Sun is around 20%.
Area: The Shaper’s Realm. This is a map area.

Dying Sun Drop Rate

Dying Sun cannot be chanced.

Dying Sun Winter Orb Build

Main Skill: Winter Orb Winter Orb. Support Skill Gems:

Dying Sun Dying Sun Build: Winter Orb Winter Orb Supports Popularity
Greater Multiple Projectiles Greater Multiple Projectiles 97.00%
Infused Channelling Infused Channelling 89.00%
Concentrated Effect Concentrated Effect 62.00%
Cold to Fire Cold to Fire 62.00%
Controlled Destruction Controlled Destruction 45.00%
Hypothermia Hypothermia 39.00%
Increased Duration Increased Duration 15.00%
Elemental Focus Elemental Focus 13.00%
Faster Casting Faster Casting 12.00%
Cold Penetration Cold Penetration 8.00%
Energy Leech Energy Leech 7.00%
Added Cold Damage Added Cold Damage 7.00%
Increased Critical Strikes Increased Critical Strikes 7.00%

Dying Sun Winter Orb DPS
Dying Sun Winter Orb Build

Weapons recommend: Dual Maces(28%), Dual Wands(25%), Mace / Shield(17%), Wand / Shield(16%).


Sell to Vendor Price:
Item class: Utility Flasks

Ruby Flask Unique Versions

Item Drop Level
Coruscating Elixir Coruscating Elixir 18
Dying Sun Dying Sun 68

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