Fragmented Incubator PoE – Fragment Item

Fragmented Incubator Fragmented Incubator is an incubator. Incubator is a new currency item class introduced in the legion league. They are PoE currency items which can be applied to a piece of equipment to guarantee an item drop of a specific type after the specified amount of monsters has been killed. Each equipment can incubate one item at a time.

How to use Fragmented Incubator?

Right click this item then left click an item to apply it. The Incubated item drops after killing a specific number of monsters.

Fragmented Incubator

PoE Fragmented Incubator Effects

Adds an incubated Fragment item to an equippable item

Item drops after killing 7690 monsters

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Incubation Effect: Fragment Item

Map Fragments

Map fragments are items that can be used in a map device to open portals to various high level areas. Placing any one of the fragments along with a map into the map device will increase the item quantity of that map.

Memory Fragments

Memory Fragments are part of the quest The Memory Eater.

Players acquire Shaper’s Orbs by collecting Memory Fragments and giving them to Zana. Memory Fragments are found by killing the bosses of Elder-influenced maps circled in purple on the Atlas. To acquire the final five Memory Fragments, you must defeat the four Elder Guardians with the Elder occupying a red-tier map, then defeat the Elder.

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