FFXIV Glamour Prism Guide and Recipe

This crystalline prism captures the likeness o fa piece of equipment and projects it onto another object of comparable form and function.

Glamour Prism

Players need to have Glamour Prism in his or her inventory to cast Glamour. As of 4.2, all past armor-specific prisms may be traded in at the Calamity Salvager for the new, generic Glamour Prism.

  • Glamour Prism: For projecting the appearance of equipment item.

Purchase From

Vendor Location Cost
Goushs Ooan The Tempest The Tempest  6
Halden Twine  6
Nacille Fanow  6
Siulmet Lakeland  6
Sul Lad Il Mheg  6
Zumutt Tomra  6

Crafting Prisms

Each crafting class may create a generic Glamour Prism when the recipe is learned. The generic prism works for all armor types and farming FFXIV Gil by using it.

After completing the quest Submission Impossible, players will be able to purchase master recipe books, as well as the clear prisms needed to craft glamour prisms.

Clear prisms can purchased from the following Bango Zango in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks(X9,Y11), Maisenta in New Gridania (X11, Y11) and Roarich in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X10,Y9).

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Title Area Level
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Main Scenario (ARR/Heavensward/Stormblood) >Main Scenario QuestsA Modest Proposal Eastern La Noscea 30
Sidequests > Lominsan SidequestsThe Hottest of Box Lunches Upper La Noscea 23
Sidequests > Lominsan SidequestsBuried Truth Upper La Noscea 23
Sidequests > Gridanian SidequestsStand-in Sentry East Shroud 20
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Sidequests > Gridanian SidequestsLeves of Camp Tranquil South Shroud 30
Sidequests > Ul’dahn SidequestsIf I Had a Glamour Western Thanalan 15
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Sidequests > Dravanian SidequestsTreason and Plot The Dravanian Forelands 53
Sidequests > Dravanian SidequestsIt’s the Thought That Counts The Dravanian Forelands 53
Sidequests > Azys Lla SidequestsChimerical Abominations Azys Lla 59
Sidequests > Azys Lla SidequestsPollution Solution Azys Lla 59

Crafting Log

Title Recipe Level Item Level
CarpenterMaster Carpenter: Glamours
BlacksmithMaster Blacksmith: Glamours
ArmorerMaster Armorer: Glamours
GoldsmithMaster Goldsmith: Glamours
LeatherworkerMaster Leatherworker: Glamours
WeaverMaster Weaver: Glamours
AlchemistMaster Alchemist: Glamours


Lv. 15

Master Leatherworker: Glamours

Glamour Prism


Recipe Details

  • Total Crafted 1
  • Difficulty 27
  • Durability 70
  • Maximum Quality 807
  • Quality Up to 50%
Craftsmanship Recommended: 67
HQ Uncraftable

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